After the collapse of the industry to face the two reshuffle is the core competitiveness of localiza

electricity supplier price war heats up, the same as the electricity supplier model of group purchase industry, has become surprisingly low-key, no longer appear frequently in advertising and news of the group purchase, is facing a what kind of situation? Is in silence, or die in silence?

data show that buy site in 2012, the survival of the fittest trend is more obvious. According to the group 800 data show that as of April, the number of domestic group purchase site is 3052, with more than 5000 of the peak period already cannot be mention in the same breath, and has been considered the cause of "bubble" group purchase group purchase "due to the number of sites is the monthly decrease, although the reduction has slowed, but the industry adjustment the momentum is very obvious.

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group purchase website "reshuffle" trend is irreversible, as the group purchase industry "blind enclosure expansion, generous advertising, spend lots of money to hire spokesmen, regardless of the cost peibenzhuanyaohe burn time gone for ever, each large group purchase website also quietly began to" fission ": Gaopeng and F groups combined; beauty network is" before leaving employees "broke" brush water "out of the 300 million transactions; 24 coupons card fraud activities was traced after exposure to five discount clearing arrears forced businesses; one of the original founding team members, handle network market director Zheng Bin left, 40% technical team layoffs; Wo Wo Group took over the group purchase channel; Groupon was bankrupt, Ren Chunlei two venture uncertain; Juhuasuan internal rectification, replace the CEO mall group purchase service outsourcing Jingdong.

Liang Mingliang of senior Internet personage told the Nanfang Daily reporter interview that, with the previous small group purchase website closures the difference is, now the site has been focused on the trend of group purchase group purchase industry "first group", group purchase industry has changed from the pure "web site to reduce the number of" representing the change "first shuffle" and gradually enter the mainstream group purchase website represents the strong integration of "qualitative" two reshuffle "stage.

"the future of the country will not be more than the total number of buy site 5." But in the low-key, in the industry, the development of follow the prescribed order "with the glutinous rice nets general manager Shen Boyang think group purchase reshuffle will continue, while the localization service is the core competitiveness of the group purchase, the next stage is to fight operations, products to fight, fight, return to the essence of business operations.

if the gross profit margin can be steadily improved, then there may be profitable in the second half of the group buying site." Shen Boyang talked about the buy site profit problem, expressed cautious optimism. According to media reports, the handle network CEO Wu Bo in the near future clear instructions, requiring the company to achieve full profit in June of this year at the latest. Tick group CEO Song Zhongjie said, "to achieve total profit in the year 7 and August." The vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen said, the US National 100 station most profitable, is expected to achieve overall profitability of the company before the scheduled four quarter.


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