Electricity supplier shopping portal entry war was kept and the risk of marginalization

shopping guide website from Taobao this year was divided into over 600 million yuan; Ma adjustment strategy, "no support" shopping guide website, cooperation and vertical sites, when an industry is large enough, will derive some attachment to the industry of the third industry". Shopping guide, is attached to the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, an industry".

a lot of people who love online shopping, we all know that beauty, such as mogujie.com website. Data show that attached to the electricity supplier shopping guide site has hundreds of more. The shopping site for the electricity supplier dependence is backed by a good shade tree, have also been blocked or marginalized business risk and uncertainty.

electricity supplier Ma Ma early in May this year, has begun to guard the shopping guide website, worried about entering Taobao, Tmall’s entrance is a few big shopping guide website". Six months later, Tmall quietly extending to the vertical information website olive branch. In December 15th, a "Fashion Festival" held at the Shanghai site, Tmall officially announced the launch of the marriage with the Pacific women, one of which content is: in beauty, fashion information, will keep pace with the relevant goods Tmall shop link.

according to the data released by the Taobao alliance, in 2012 the amount of 3 billion yuan into the amount, mogujie.com, said the beautiful shopping guide website accounted for more than 21%, from Taobao into more than $600 million. If the electricity supplier in this way large-scale vertical site cooperation, will enter the website "entrance" diversification, a simple shopping guide website, as well as the future of


electricity supplier parasitic

shopping guide site is actually the electricity supplier website shopping guide. It depends on the electricity supplier website, and through the electricity supplier into profit. As a derivative of popular online shopping after the recent shopping product visibility with "8.15", "11.11", "12.12" and small "price war" increasingly well known.

an electricity supplier website is a commodity ocean. Consumers in the face of such a large amount of commodity information, how to choose what to enter into the entrance, the key to consumer decision-making. Shopping guide site came into being, such as the ocean map of this commodity. It tells consumers how to go, how to choose. It is actually a shopping mall in the shopping guide, to a certain extent determines the consumer’s choice. Shopping guide website attached to the website, and get the profit by the electricity supplier into, through soliciting help stores to realize their own value. Therefore, in the place where it appears, the electricity supplier to the shopping guide website of this parasite, is undefended.

November 11, 2012, led by the banner of the 50 percent off banner of the "Tmall shopping Carnival" again "artificial Festival" success 11.11. On the day of Alipay’s total turnover of 19 billion 100 million, including Tmall 13 billion 200 million, over two times. But the glorious moment behind, is the operator, logistics pressure, downtime, shortage of false promotions and other bad shopping experience, consumers have tolerated in excessive publicity, enthusiasm has cooled down. In addition, the major electricity supplier

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