Step by step acquisition of China still difficult monopoly subsidies or less

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just a few days ago, the official announced that the amount of step and step to reach a strategic agreement, will be wholly owned by the acquisition of all the assets of China, which is a milestone in the transaction.

announced the deal in the process can be described as an open letter this morning striking one snag after another, until UBer CEO Karan Nick to prepare ahead of time to be exposed, and proved to be from his own hand, this business is really reliable evidence.

has long been rumored deal has finally become a reality, just after the new deal released a few days, the two why merger, the merger will produce what effect China car

market in the future?

, the new regulations to promote the merger

actually, when Chinese Car Wars the most lively not now, but then drops and quick burn war. Both in the early stage of development to the number of users, burned hundreds of millions of rmb. In the number of users to a certain number of development, but the two suddenly merged. The reason is nothing more than investors recognize each other in this model is unlikely to burn down on the opponent, exclusive share. Merger is likely to profit.

is now also facing the same problem, according to Bloomberg reports, Uber in China has more than $2 billion loss. But Uber still can not threaten the market share of more than 80% of the fast.

drops too fast in the burn, but in some city has been able to achieve profitability, they continue to fight for it, Uber will burn more money, but the profit or market counter attack opportunities are very slim.

in China about the introduction of the car rental approach, a clear foreign companies must be in accordance with the domestic approach to management, Uber continue to operate, in accordance with the way around the taxi management department to play a very difficult game. And accept the supervision of various departments in China, Uber is not comfortable.

in this case, with drops of cooperation, to make their own share of a high price into drops to become a choice.

as of now, a total of China life insurance, Alibaba, Tencent, CIC, Ping An Innovation Investment Fund, BAIC, CITIC Capital, Nakajin Koko, group of enterprises and institutions involved in financing drops.

and Chinese yuho the list of investors including HNA capital, Baidu, Pacific Insurance, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Vanke Group, CITIC Securities, Minsheng Bank (the Bank International), broadband capital, capital for Chinese yuho Shuanghu investors.

drops, Uber has at least Asset Management Co (BlackRock), China BlackRock investment management company Hillhouse capital group (Hillhouse Capital), hedge fund (Tiger Glob>

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