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NDRC Price Supervision Bureau official said in an interview with CCTV, three electricity supplier is required self-examination, rectification. Video screenshot

will study and formulate relevant provisions to regulate the electricity price behavior; the survey found a scouring network data untrue, Beijing News (reporter Zhong Jingjing Liu Xia) yesterday, the Beijing News exclusive report "the NDRC survey of electricity supplier war caused widespread concern. Yesterday, the national development and Reform Commission Price supervision and inspection and supervision of the Anti-monopoly Bureau Director Chen Da said in an interview with CCTV, the current three electricity supplier is required self-examination, rectification.

Chen Da said that the future development and Reform Commission will study the development of the "e-commerce price behavior guide" to further regulate the online trading price behavior.

electricity supplier is self rectification

in mid August, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong took the lead in the micro-blog launched a price war, after the United States, Suning fight, caused widespread concern in public opinion.

according to CCTV reports, for this event, the NDRC price supervision bureau sent three working groups to investigate the three companies. Initially identified three electricity supplier alleged price gouging.

development and Reform Commission yesterday, the relevant parties, the current three electricity supplier is required self-examination, rectification.

, however, the person in charge did not disclose when the introduction of Jingdong, Gome, Suning three specific decisions of the electricity supplier.

according to the Beijing News reporter, the matter will not have a specific conclusion in a short period of time, according to the investigation process also experienced hearing, inform the program.

plans to develop e-commerce pricing

it is understood that, for the price behavior of the network, there is no specific laws and regulations promulgated. At present, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "plan", "shop credit evaluation index of network group purchase business management norms", "network group purchase enterprise credit evaluation system", "e-commerce marketing operations specifications are not involved in price.

According to CCTV reported

, the NDRC official said, e-commerce is an emerging industry, the price behavior is not standard, the next step the Commission will organize special investigations, making the "price behavior in the electronic business guide" to improve market rules.

is a part of Amoy network data is inconsistent with

in addition, in the event, a scouring network initiative to collect Jingdong, Gome, Suning three electricity supplier price comparison, and shows the electricity supplier has the price before the first price behavior.

, according to CCTV reported that the NDRC official said yesterday, the NDRC also sent a working group to investigate a Amoy network. There are some problems found false data Amoy network to the public, the NDRC survey, basically no first price and then the price behavior.

this argument, a scouring network yesterday responded that the company will listen carefully to each

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