A number of illegal websites publications have been investigated involving fiction comic sites

from the Central Propaganda Department and other five departments issued the "notice" on strengthening children’s publishing management and market regulation, at all levels of the administrative department of press and publication to clean up of gangs, involving violence, pornography and vulgar harmful children’s online publications focusing on literature site remediation works from the scope of the youth oriented children’s publishing website to publish, to investigate and punish the illegal the illegal publication, to further deepen the rectification of children’s publications market special action, and achieved remarkable results.

A large number of published

following investigated and dealt with according to law contains pornographic and violent contents of the cartoon network "Michelle cartoon network" website, recently, the State Press and Publication Administration in conjunction with the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps and posted spread containing pornographic and vulgar, violent terrorist network publishing content "cartoonist", "Baidu," Post Bar "Sina micro plate", "flying Lu novel network" website (column and channel) relevant responsible person interviewed, asked to remove existing illegal children’s publications immediately, a comprehensive clean-up of web publishing content, strengthen the content management. Fujian Province, Hainan Province, Sichuan Province, Shaanxi Province, Shanghai City, the administrative department of press and publication is in conjunction with the relevant departments to investigate the "flying stacks of cartoon network", "cool island comic" and "emotional Wowo" and "cocoa house comics" website, these websites suspected of posting the spread of terrorist violence, containing pornographic and vulgar content works for the record, false information, once verified, will be banned in accordance with the law.

around the pornography department focus on primary and secondary publications around the market are close examination, mainly to check whether there is the sale of illegal publications and children containing pornographic, violent and vulgar content of illegal publications.

Beijing to investigate illegal selling of illegal publications containing contents of the animation field "," absolute "pineapple Chi" case. In September 16th, the national anti pornography office joint reporting center received a report online, reflect the "absolute" field magazine content is not healthy, cover explicit, very large for children in harm. After investigation, the magazine is sold with CD-ROM comic publications, by the liberal cultural and Educational Press, Beijing man moving heaven and earth culture media Co. Ltd Co publishing. Animation audio and video products, "absolute field" and "pineapple Zhi" without the subject for approval, are illegal publishing; "absolute field" and "pineapple Chi" magazine for illegal publications. The audio and video products and magazines contain illegal content, the physical and mental health of minors. In September 29th, the State Administration of press and publication, the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps in accordance with the law on the transfer of code behavior, management confusion and enlightened press closed for rectification for 3 months and fined RMB 30 thousand yuan; for the unauthorized release of Beijing engaged in the business man moving heaven and earth culture media limited company fined 239 thousand and 364 yuan, confiscate the illegal income 18 thousand yuan punishment, and the company will be informed of violations of law in the administrative department for Industry and commerce, make recommendations for further processing, containing pornographic and vulgar content information and ordered the closure of the company’s "anime" website; on illegal publications printing art printing Co. Ltd. Beijing >

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