Microsoft self styled nternet prosecutors taking the reins with domain name

as a veteran of the technology giant, Microsoft position in the global scientific community is very important, but little is known about the Microsoft also has a part of the management of the Internet, it is even for the domain name service provider also has the reins". Foreign technology media "connection" magazine online edition recently issued a document on this are described and analyzed, the article that Microsoft self styled "Internet prosecutors" in the name "can maintain network security over the domain name service provider, this behavior had caused the attention in the field of science and technology. The following is the main content of the article.

at 7 o’clock in the morning, Dan · dvrer (Dan Durrer) was awakened by a knock at the door, his dog began barking, dvrer thought was sent to the courier, but opened the door, found not wrapped, but a court summons delivery staff sent 3 inchesof court documents, these documents including Microsoft over some news dvrer’s company, but he did not have time to read carefully, and almost at the same time, the pager dvrer also received the company Internet service was forced to stop the news.

in the past 15 years, Duriel has served as a small Internet service provider No-IP CEO, only 16 employees at the Reno Nevada company, its main business is to provide special DNS service for ordinary customers and small business customers, the service can allow customers in the use of dynamic IP address under the condition of stable Internet connection. The use of such services are obsessed with network security geeks, need for nanny care children under the surveillance of the parents and the cash register stores for remote control chain and so on, of course, some criminals will also launch malicious attacks on the Internet using the service.

this is the main reason for Microsoft to deliver dvrer legal documents and halt No-IP related services at present, No-IP has become the general counsel for Microsoft digital crime Department Assistant Richard · Bosco (Richard Boscovich) has the object of concern, "and No-IP services related to malicious software beyond our imagination," Bosco Vic said.

he tried to defeat behind these malware operation, most of these people are using Microsoft’s Windows operating system, so he used a controversial but legitimate and effective, is the use of so-called "unilateral temporary restraining order (Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order) to give the Microsoft certain law enforcement ability, which can be part of the private property forcibly processing.

Microsoft will often secretly use this power, to dvrer his company as an example, there is no chance with Microsoft to court, because in June when he received the Microsoft court documents, Microsoft has on the service provided by the company. The control and organization of hackers continue to use these services, at the same time.

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