Shandong cracked the first case of free porn sites in Wonderland was destroyed

for the development of the Internet in February 28th reported membership, to achieve their purpose of making money, (Shandong) Jining, a man from the United States started renting servers pornographic websites, with pornographic pictures 30 thousand sites, pornographic novels more than 1300 articles, a unit of Ji’nan Lee, as an administrator at the site of a column. Only 3 months time, the site on the development of nearly 9000 members, involving the country’s 24 provinces and cities, click on the page accumulated more than 1 million times.

after 6 months of investigation, the day before, (Shanxi) Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps in conjunction with the Jining Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment uncovered spread pornographic information website, pornographic website "happy Wonderland" to be destroyed, crime suspects arrested and prosecuted. This is the Shandong province since last year uncovered the first major porn sites.

porn site registered members of nearly 9000 people

last May 21st, the police found on the Internet as a free Wonderland integrated entertainment community website wantonly spread pornographic information. Website content is not only the naked sex, video video, pornographic pictures, pornographic novels and other columns, but also to provide members of the domestic sex information exchange and other information.

the site to escape the fight, and constantly through the Google forum, QQ and E-mail, such as the release of the latest web site address, great harm.

after investigation, the police found that the free Wonderland integrated entertainment community website builders in Shandong Province, nearly 9000 registered members, involving the country’s 24 provinces and cities, but also involved in 6 countries and regions.

case is a major online pornographic crime cases, the Ministry of public security will be listed as the Ministry of supervision project. Under the unified command of the Ministry of public security, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps to organize relevant city security supervision departments to detect, investigate criminal suspect.

hire foreign servers to build yellow net

after 6 months of investigation, the police after the analysis of the transfer of clues of nearly 50 thousand, found that the website is Liangshan County for sth.

on the basis of a large number of evidence, in November 2, 2007, the police will be arrested for a major criminal suspects, seized a laptop, desktop computers two, bank cards and other property involved in a case.

this year, 34 year old is a certain unit of Liangshan laid-off workers, only junior high school education. In March 2006, after paying a fake identity card to register the internet account, often log in sexual union and other pornographic sites, and posted on these sites, to participate in various activities. As a result of active, he was soon upgraded to administrator.

paid to think porn website profitable, would like to own a porn site. At the beginning of August 2007, Fumou leased other servers in the United States through the part of the space, make your own website home page, site procedures, and the site will be named "happy Wonderland entertainment community".

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