Li Yizhong rectify the overkill personal website is not blocked

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NPC and CPPCC in Phoenix TV host Sally Wu invited the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong participate in the netizen quiz, on whether to ban personal website to ask, Li Yizhong said, in the renovation process, the existence of a overkill approach, but not completely blocked the personal website, and this regulation will continue.

in the video, Phoenix TV host Sally Wu invited the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong to answer users’ questions, the netizen asked whether the Internet currently China in a comprehensive ban personal website, how does the Secretary Li Yizhong look at this issue, Li Yizhong said that the problem of misunderstanding, the latest online is a reflection of the more sensitive issue there are many pornographic Wap Internet and mobile phone information website, the Ministry for this problem has taken corresponding measures, timely find and remove, delete block, in these measures, according to a person involved in a website to take overkill way, is the first website all stopped, stopped after the first clean up a recovery may occur in such a situation, the original users on the site is now inaccessible, It produces a corresponding opinion, Li Yizhong said, this is indeed a problem rectification, hope that the majority of Internet users to understand, Li Yizhong said, in fact, the Ministry did not personal website comprehensive ban.

in the conversation, Sally Wu asked, in the discovery of a web site is a problem, first stop its access, and then slowly no problem to restore, how long this process will last?

Li Yizhong said that in the first quarter of this year, or to increase the intensity of work, so as to be able to play in the special rectification, can play a certain effect, so the remediation will continue for some time.


minister Li Yizhong said there is no comprehensive ban on personal website behavior


Li Yizhong said that there are indeed some overkill in the renovation process of

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