The central bank executives Association advice online payment transaction limit to 10 thousand day

surging news reporter Chen Yueshi

The debate of "

non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach (Draft)", in August 30th over a period of nearly a month of public comment, then Payment institutions who most want to say something to the central mother? Those who had been controversial content there is room to turn around


according to the surging news reporter, in the summary part of commercial banks and third party payment agencies opinions, by the people’s Bank of China supervisor China payments clearing association has formed a day before the draft amendment feedback submitted to regulators.

among them, and the people and sparked heated debate such as payment, account opening is too low to raise the threshold "groove", are the amendments, but free transfer estimation is really going to end. Among them, may be the last day of the people concerned about the limit of 5000 yuan, the proposal is mentioned to $10000.

suggested a: third party payment account daily limit increased from $10000 to $5000

is a lot of friends Tucao can not be happy to buy and buy a network of payment limit management, Payment institutions naturally have something to say. Twenty-eighth the provisions of the draft, which does not include the payment institution by electronic signature, digital certificate, two class above elements to verify the transaction, a single customer payment account single day cumulative amount shall not exceed 5000 yuan (editor’s note: that we currently used by the third party payment account transactions, payment verification only password and SMS verification code, if the bank account is not limited).

feedback suggestions, you can set the cumulative daily trading volume under this scenario from 5000 yuan to $10000. Not only is the daily trading volume, appropriate to relax the consumer and comprehensive annual cumulative transaction limit is proposed, and the general consumer account balance payment transaction amount respectively from 200 thousand and 100 thousand, increased to 400 thousand and 200 thousand.

of course, the proposal can be adopted, remains to be seen.

After all,

has previously said the central mother, only five thousand for online shopping quota payment account balance payment transactions, and quota management or meet the vast majority of customers demand payment, because payment account balance of payment in use, 80.12% individual customers are not more than 5000 yuan, if a simple online shopping, 92% of the total annual payment the amount of not more than 5000 yuan.

suggested two: prove that you are you, the verification of the way from 5 to 3

account threshold is too high, the need to use a variety of ways to prove that I am I, this slot point, was also written in the proposal.

Once the

in accordance with the draft implementation, after the registration of a user account is now much larger than, at least to prepare 3 copies of the above documents to prove that the "I", to the creation of the consumer payment account, such as:

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