CCTV exposure 3 15 first case SMS car revealed up to 40 thousand messages per hour


[SMS car revealed: five km radius of all mobile phone signal shielding strong push spam messages] this year first 315 cases of exposure is called spam messages car products. I believe that many viewers have had such an experience, the phone is often received some commercial information text messages, such as the purchase of existing homes, the money remitted to the card……" And other similar spam messages.

site in the Beijing area on the rumor platform jointly released data show that in the first half of 2013 only, the total amount of spam messages to more than 200 billion, the average mobile phone users to receive nearly 200, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou City, the average daily mobile phone users over two spam messages received, what those who sent SMS spam, why will be sent to our mobile phone, recently, CCTV financial "economic half-hour" reporter conducted a survey according to a clue discovered inadvertently.

no space to send text messages to cover up to 40 thousand, cottage base powerful

at the end of 2013, working in the office the reporter received such a message, the number of letters show that as at the beginning of 106, and spam messages received in our daily life is also at the beginning of 106, the reporter is prepared to put the spam messages deleted, but accidentally found that the contents of this message out of the ordinary SMS, declared: undertake bulk SMS advertising business, regardless of number of segments that you can specify any 1-3 km to send text messages within the region to promote your products." In the "economic half-hour" reporters view messages, also found that other colleagues in the office also received the same message, and some colleagues mobile phone signal interruption, this strange message in the end what? Reporters at the beginning of the number 400 SMS reservation phone call.

economic half-hour reporter: you can send text messages that you


SMS car salesman: can.

economic half-hour reporter: can it be. Then I would like to ask, do you need the customer’s phone number?

SMS car salesman: phone number does not need, we are regional sms.

the other side of the sales staff enthusiastically introduced their SMS sending device is extremely simple and reliable, can be placed in an ordinary car, anytime, anywhere can be sent to the surrounding mobile phone users. The professional name is called the mobile location SMS equipment vehicles, sales staff said it is true, economic half-hour reporter decided to investigate this. In the reporter expressed strong interest in this device, you can meet the person said to dwell. January 1, 2014 at noon, near the North Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, the reporter saw the sales staff, which is a more than and 20 year old young man, but the reporter noted that he did not carry any equipment.

"economic half-hour" reporter: do we need to connect the equipment?

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