Shi Kaiwen’s music description search Jing fm dream into the network


Shi Kevin and his music description search dream into the network

Sina Technology Liu Yanan is full of creativity in the "reference" in the Internet seems to be something special, because it’s very difficult to put it into the "China version of XX", or "the network version of the XX": the use of natural language description, music search need frequency. In the words of the founder Shi Kaiwen, "no one knows" more than the user, and its Web Recommendation, let the people demand "high" or "morning".

The founder of the Russian mixed

had three entrepreneurial experience, now less than 24 years old; music majors who want this valuable music also has a good price, but slowly toward another end of Art: technology, learning UI code, with a dozen people in the team, will extend the original dream to the internet.

just like the understanding of a person, a better view, see, also from the beginning of the product itself. and team: respected Instagram style "small and big" product

first experience

Jing interface is extremely simple: the first look at the past, the most obvious is placed in the middle of the music album, and the large search box below. People want to listen to music, most of the time are actually want a kind of song, the lyrics and title or not, but a natural description, such as bed "Relaxation", such as a person to travel alone". These seemingly rambling words or combinations of input search box, select the appropriate icon from above, will be released Everfount similar songs.


will pay attention to the middle of the "love", interface similar songs, personal radio, "hate" the four button, and the lower pause, just listen to this. This and their products agree: if according to user preferences to recommend music, there will be more and more narrow hysteresis and possible future versions will weaken the recommendation position, continue to emphasize the music label search directly.

is the lower right corner of the social, settings, etc.. In addition to the "love" or "hate" songs, here you can also see friends just heard what song, to some extent, "he is listening to the irritability of the song" than a seemingly calm micro-blog better able to explain the problem; also can choose to listen to "a friend, so both sides play song, schedule, even the volume will be synchronized; or simple chat and other social operation. According to reports, the follow-up version will strengthen community effect, personal homepage and other functions will become standard.

pages using HTML5, that is, do not have to install the plugin to support the new iPad Retina screen, automatically record the last exit to listen to progress. If you open the source code, you will find that it has only more than and 400 lines, as well as note >

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