bought a net with Sohu since the media from the media alliance all chowhound Slide Show marketing

N these two days many people from the media on the Slide Show cherries, I bought net with Sohu since the media do media marketing has a nice atmosphere, north of Guangzhou, since the media people are received by I bought net U.S. cherries arrange to send the Sohu. However, people eat zuiruan, micro-blog WeChat in Slide Show is inevitable.

Sohu to inquire about this, since the media gave the delivery of welfare nearly 2000, mainly to chowhound from the media alliance of more than 1 thousand people from the media, in addition, plus a number of tourism, science and technology, automotive, fashion, film, financial field of nearly 1000 from the media. Because I bought the cold chain distribution network, so this event covers only the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four cities, but the event has been spread from the media circle.

It is said that this activity is

, I bought the network with active Sohu. I recently bought the network alliance generous, eastern U.S. charter direct mining cherries it propaganda demand is very urgent, and the Sohu chowhound from media alliance had recently attracted I bought net full of sound and colour, attention. I bought a car from the network to provide the child, Sohu benefit from the media, a need to publicize the car, a need to maintain from the media, there are not too many interests, cooperation is carried out smoothly.

for the media, people eat zuiruan, people send things to you, at least have expressed thanks to micro-blog, WeChat in Slide Show is unavoidable. Of course, the Sohu is not forcing everyone from the media to Slide Show, however, most people also feel shy silently eat not to say.

in the past two days, micro-blog, circle of friends, and the Sohu news client to see a lot of people are Slide Show, since the media circle is not large, so many people do not want to see Slide Show repeatedly, also difficult to. I bought the network and Sohu news client to do a good job, at least most of the people from the media have been advertising, and the effect of this ad, we can roughly estimate.

At 2000

from the media human base, half Slide Show, average people from the media can be seen at least 100 Slide Show to calculate (this figure is very conservative, some micro-blog tens of thousands of fans, you can pull the high average), 1000*100=10 million. Sohu presented to the media from the 500g truck in the net I bought the official price is 58 yuan, the delivery fee of $5, a cost of about $63 from the media, 63*2000=12.6 million. 126 thousand of the advertising costs, at least with the high quality of communication and consumption potential of 100 thousand UV, very cost-effective. Although we cannot take direct conversion, but has a great effect on brand communication.

there is a precedent, since the media "Slide Show" marketing or pop up in the near future, but the coverage is less than advertising, but the effect is what advertising marketing way is not suitable for each product. First of all, not too commercial, free delivery is one thing, business is another matter, since the media will send something free, courtesy of a figure with the sun "

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