win tens of millions of workplace financing online education needs to do a strong competitive bar

vocational education is currently one of the few industries that do not currently have a ceiling, but at the same time it is a typical slow industry. After more than ten years of development, online vocational education has become a breakthrough point of vocational education, from the seed stage to the embryonic stage. Because it can directly improve the income for the user, so it has been considered the most recent segment of online education from the money. And the basic business model has been very mature in the field, with the popularity of mobile Internet, there are a large number of IT talent gap, the prospect is very broad. I won the workplace at the end of 2015 won the tens of millions of investment, open the IT O2O occupation education alliance.


I won the workplace Xiaoye Xi said in a recent interview, I won the workplace from the beginning of the vertical field, IT occupation education. With 10 years of experience under the concept of technology to give me the support to win the workplace, really can do O2O combination. He stressed that one of the biggest bright spot for me to win the job is to ensure employment. Students sign on our side to pay, after graduation employment, if not a full refund. That’s what a lot of institutions can’t do. So these are our competitive barriers. From 2013 to the present, I win the workplace from a small team to the largest IT education platform, but also to win my career has always liked to explore the nature of things, the pursuit of the true reflection of education.

is now online education institutions into the ground, I win career out of their own characteristics gradually in this piece of the Red Sea, at present I win in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou office, Shenzhen branch and other nine in the country, more than 500 employees nationwide, online team of about 200 people, about 30 people full-time lecturer. Xi Xiaoye revealed that registered users in service personnel accounted for relatively large, because the professional high requirements on the learning content, the problems encountered in the practice of the need to provide substantive services, the main target group of this part of the crowd and I won the workplace. In 2015, I won the workplace monthly user average growth amount is 5 times in 2014, a full set of courses in various segments of the total up to 200-500 hours, the learning path, curriculum content and quality have formed a complete system, and user acceptance is generally high.

with many ups and downs in the field of online education companies, I win the workplace is also facing the same industry challenges and difficulties, which I need to win the workplace to maintain a strategic revolution, further to maintain and enhance the competitive barriers, expand their own patterns, to pave the way for the future development of more.

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