Luxury low spirited online shopping user demand unknown nouveau riche down to earth


is very expensive electricity industry, but still could not withstand the electricity supplier army grew, the electricity supplier can really live longer scanty. The luxury goods business in the long-term downturn of vital importance on the occasion, is not a day for two days. Shang goods network, Fifth Avenue, and other luxury electricity supplier collective fall, or choose to change, or face bankruptcy. Logically speaking, Chinese nouveau riche user is not in the minority, why have the luxury business faces fall and collapse? Compared with luxury electric providers, Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform is still living at home, luxury is littered everywhere.


has always been the only luxury nouveau riche will afford users, so users can only luxury is the rich man, ordinary people is certainly afford. Many types of luxury goods, from all kinds of jewelry to LV package, which is the main force of consumer luxury goods. Therefore, the luxury goods business platform in the face of the user should have the spending power of the female users, and such people are basically concentrated in the first tier and second tier city, of course, a small city wage level is difficult to achieve. And Taobao, Tmall different, one is the people’s fair, and the other is a rich shopping paradise.

there is no doubt that luxury is not down to earth, but as long as there is a market demand and business platform, sales should still be, but why does the luxury business long-term low-spirited. To analyze the user’s shopping under the nouveau riche mentality, in fact there are many luxuries, such as: Taobao in the tens of thousands of dollars, and jade jewelry, but basically not what sales. Or there is no one to buy, there are two possible reasons: one is the nouveau riche users generally do not love online shopping, and more love to buy the next line, love to those stores. Two is worried about online shopping items are fakes, after all, the price of luxury goods.

users lack of resources, plus not in-depth understanding of the user’s shopping psychology of nouveau riche, doomed luxury electric providers can only have small groups of users, it is difficult to become climate. If the scale may not be able to stick to it, because the cost of luxury electricity supplier is relatively high, the supply itself is a problem. But many luxury electricity supplier also dreamed of becoming a platform like Tmall, desperate to invest, and ultimately can only die faster. Luxury electricity supplier is not suitable for the domestic consumer market, and Taobao, Jingdong, such as civilian electricity supplier platform more popular, but has long been a monopoly.


entity heavyweights have joined the electricity supplier army, which are really successful, holding the play mentality to test the water electricity supplier, turned into a money game. If you want to gain a foothold the luxury business, may wish to start from the minority groups, try to do a small but beautiful, rather than big mess. This article from the forty sources original articles reprinted annotated source

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