CN domain name breakthrough 1 million 800 thousand jumped global by fourth

      reporters from China’s domain name registration management organization Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) 2007 registration services recently held annual meeting was informed that as at the end of December 2006, CN domain name registration total has reached 1 million 800 thousand, the world ranked fourth national top-level domain registrations. Mao Wei, director of CNNIC, said: the growth of CN domain name registration, while improving the performance of the national Internet security, but also to enhance our position on the Internet and the right to speak.  
      in the CN domain successfully break through the 1 million 800 thousand mark, the scale effect will appear. Due to the expansion of the overall domain name registration, CN domain name price advantage is increasingly obvious. Since 2006, CN domain name several times to lower the price, the price of the COM domain name to maintain long-term advantages. CNNIC director Mao Wei made it clear that the overall trend of CN domain name terminal price will not rise, will be long-term to maintain better than the COM domain price.

      for the recent media coverage of the CN domain price news, CNNIC clearly did not raise the price of the registration agency. CN domain name end user price advantage will not be changed because of the price adjustment of individual registration services.

      according to CNNIC data show that in 2006 a short period of time, the CN domain name registration volume soared from 1 million 90 thousand to the beginning of the year, up to 65.1%, the total number of registered ranks the world’s top fourth. In just the past December, CN domain name registration day growth is showing rapid momentum, the average daily growth of over 10000, almost two times the average growth. Experts believe that the rapid growth of CN domain name in 2006, with its excellent security performance and improve the quality of service is inseparable.

      2006, CN domain name to implement the new top-level node, improve the registration rights protection and other security measures, greatly enhance its own security. A large number of COM domain name users choose to use CN domain name, strongly pulling the rapid growth of the CN domain name. In particular, the submarine cable rupture occurred in December during the accident, CN domain name with excellent stability and safety performance, has become the preferred site and Internet users.

      expert analysis, as the basic strategic resources of China’s Internet, CN domain names registered 06 years ranked the world’s top fourth, indicating that China’s status as a big power of the Internet increasingly stable. And promote the advantages in safety, price and service under the CN domain name of the Internet has become much inevitable, Chinese preferred.


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