Wanda transformation continues to O2O dream behind what are the advantages

introduction: at the beginning of this year, in the hand of Tencent, Baidu, Wanda electricity supplier rapid expansion. Teng million electricity supplier to build an open platform where the upcoming July 31st.


Teng million electricity supplier to build an open platform where the upcoming flying on July 31st on-line.

According to

fifast net official website information, the electricity supplier who fly by Wanda Group, Baidu Inc and Tencent Inc jointly funded the establishment of the mobile terminal and intelligent technology, re integration of Wanda Group under the line resources, to achieve online business and service integration, to create high-tech intelligent life O2O open the world’s largest electronic business platform.

According to the

fifast page information display, and other electronic business platform, where the network is not to fly as the city station basis, but in the Wanda Plaza radiation core to provide an open platform, with a large membership, integration, union card, big data and cloud platform to provide full support, business management services covering member integral marketing, pay for shopping centers and businesses, in a rapidly changing Internet environment, more efficient and accurate grasp of every sales opportunity. At the same time, provide for shops, parking, queuing and wisdom film perfect experience the scene, solved by the set of intelligent hardware and software solutions, the construction of a new generation of digital shopping center, in the customer’s entire shopping journey to deliver the best experience consistent from beginning to end.

at the beginning of this year, in hand Tencent, Baidu, Wanda electricity supplier rapid expansion. There are two Internet investment funds to 1 billion yuan of the cost of acquisition of Wanda electricity supplier of 5% of the shares, which means that within a few months, Wanda electricity supplier valuation 5 billion yuan from the original capital, to now 20 billion yuan (about $3 billion 218 million).

behind this, Wanda electricity supplier in the end what is the plot?

, impact O2O

December 23, 2014, Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd listed on the Hongkong stock exchange. A media interview, said Wang Jianlin, Wanda electricity supplier has in the actual operation, the development degree is determined on mature cloud computing development in the three quarter of 2015, if the successful development of cloud computing, the fastest will be available in the fourth quarter.

critics pointed out that Wanda Commercial real estate has been able to become the largest company to raise funds last year, Hong Kong stocks, relying on its layout in the field of electricity providers. Today, the Internet has been touted, the combination of online and offline electricity supplier story is always able to cause infinite interest in the capital market and conjecture.

100th Wanda Plaza opening ceremony, Wang Jianlin said: Wanda culture, electricity providers, tourism and other industries will become the development of Wanda’s new three carriages of the three."

news shows that Wang Jianlin has no direct management of commercial real estate, but a considerable part of the energy on the O2O. According to Wanda plans in the three quarter of this year, O2O platform will be officially in the country >

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