Taobao 1 cents to buy members of the video site how to live

[Reuters] billion state power video website more bad days, with the popularity of Internet TV, video sites can have the opportunity to vigorously promote their own APP TV, but yesterday SARFT said that so many video sites this week as the power under the frame of their clients. This is undoubtedly a serious blow to the momentum of the development of the video site, but the video site has been hit by far.


since the major video website launched service members, the members hope to earn money by buying their own TV show large copyright, but many speculators fancy video website member account can also many people use loopholes, began wantonly selling membership account number in use right.

billion state power network Tencent member, in the video search Youku video and other members of the keywords, see the results get a lot of cheap goods, many are only 1 cents a month of membership of the right to use the video. These Taobao stores are generally recharge a member number, and then sold to the consumer, although the price is only 1 cents, but the basic monthly sales are tens of thousands, but also a considerable income. What is more, they don’t charge a membership account, spend a penny to other Taobao shop to buy a right to use an account, then sold in the store of his own hand.

billion state power network search Tencent video more than and 500 items, the highest sales businesses reached more than 13 thousand, according to this calculation, the Taobao stores will lead to the loss of at least 130 thousand yuan per month membership fee of Tencent. Analysis of the industry, if Taobao sell this video membership account behavior without stop, not only is the video site to suffer, the protection of intellectual property rights will be more difficult to set up China.

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