Wang Xing founded no rice network open micro blog Era

in Huaqingjiayuan No. 13 Building Room 2102, Wang Xing embarked on the second stage of entrepreneurship. He was surrounded by Mu Rongjun, Mu from Baidu brought engineers Liao Kai, (fifth employees of the campus network, vice president of the United States Mission network, this book is not an interview), and Yang Jun, and the president of.

in the eyes of Wang Xing, Twitter this lightweight model, the Internet may redefine the way information dissemination. They began to take the domain name for this similar Twitter site. When the school network, has to appreciate the importance of the domain name, must be Larry, catchy. Although the company a little money, but do not want to spend too much money on the domain name. They turned over the dictionary for nearly a week, but they couldn’t find a good domain name. Yang Jun think of an idea, according to the combination of consonants and vowels are arranged, wrote a program run on the server, check the domain name registration, run out is double combination, choose two: any meal and not in. No one registered domain name, only need to spend 60 yuan per year.

they chose not rice, rice has a past it can still Fanfou and allusions in, Chinese often meet to say hello: "you eat today?" means.

May 2007, rice no online line. As Wang Xing has a certain influence in the industry, and met a lot of friends, so the accumulation of the initial user no meal. Many start-up companies, there is no entrepreneurial experience, the hardest place is to start. Wang Xing years of tireless entrepreneurial experience, the accumulation of personal visibility, very helpful for the launch of new products. Later, the U.S. mission network also benefited from this.

holds free and open spirit, Fanfou won some bloggers, the depth of the Internet users. But we do not know what to write 140 words, a lot of people just send some quotations, debauch of small fragments, a fuss too, playing not what interest to users, slow growth.

September 2007, Wang Xing began to consider doing for white-collar SNS website, in the end is based on Fanfou, add pictures, music and other functions, or start a new site, there are some disputes, and finally unified as a new website. In December, no longer determine Guanfan do not, the new site transformation, this is network at home, "meaning a bosom friend Tianya Zorpia". The domestic network domain spent 100 thousand yuan, this is an unexpected number.

at the beginning of 2008, Wang Xing they launched the network at home, the attention of the media also came up, a little wind taste, the school network was quite nervous and quickly follow, there are also many similar sites, the same building network, network building. Wang Xing they feel at home network products is also good, but the user limitations in the Internet circle occupation people, not really spread to the public, which makes the network home ziyuzile into a small circle, probably because of the lack of a product also impress the public and interesting points.

this point was launched in March 2008 to find a happy network, Cheng Binghao founded >

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