Tmall is try before you buy trial satisfied after the payment


Technology News 8 July afternoon news today, Tmall officially announced the launch of "try before you buy" new mode of online shopping. The model is the introduction of Tmall and small micro gold clothing.

it is reported that the "try before you buy" service first launched in the clothing category, the future is expected to cover other Tmall vertical market. According to Tmall official data showed that the "try before you buy" since June 12th in the Tmall clothing category began trial operation. By the end of July 8th, nearly a month a total of nearly twenty thousand products offer a try before you buy "service, there are more than 126 thousand of the 134 thousand buyers to purchase goods, the final completion of the transaction of goods accounted for 87.2%.

The Tmall

, the Tmall model and small micro payment services rely on their own big data, based on consumer spending habits, to determine each consumer can try before you buy a range of goods. In the range of online shopping consumers in Tmall select with the try before you buy "logo merchandise, orders directly, without payment, receive the goods after the first trial experience, satisfaction after the payment; if found unsuitable in does not affect the two sale, direct refund return, without the consent of the merchant agrees that the freight resulting in confirmation will be returned by the return shipping insurance.

is the first choice of consumers when buying goods after the first test, the system will automatically set up a repayment date, consumers simply confirm receipt of payment before the repayment date can. The user after receiving goods still enjoy Tmall conventional protection, for example, 7 days no reason to return. However, if the consumer fails to make timely payments, will no longer enjoy "try before you buy" service. Normal payment and a certain period of time without violation of the user can be thawed, and enjoy the service again.

in addition, for businesses, Tmall and small micro payments service will also help to select appropriate services to consumers to open the "try before you buy", through the service consumers as long as the confirmation of arrival, small micro payment service will be paid a lump sum payment of goods to merchants, merchant’s capital returns to accelerate the speed, to avoid the risk of businesses not necessary. (Yangtze)

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