Eight factors of foreign trade website conversion rate

for the foreign trade enterprise website, what is the most important, click rate or conversion rate? Certainly, foreign trade enterprise website is different from the general by supporting the flow of portal or news website, is in need of more clicks into the ratio of effective customer. Some foreign trade enterprise website click rate is high, but the conversion rate is extremely low, and not any result is untraceable, reason. The following experts, the global e-commerce China Nobel network will be based on the experience of foreign trade station, lists eight factors affect the conversion rate for foreign trade enterprises, foreign trade enterprises in order to get a higher conversion rate, so the website can better serve enterprises.

a, website marketing copy

first, at the beginning of the construction of foreign trade enterprise website, it is necessary to give their site a clear positioning. From the layout of the site, the site’s page content, the foreign trade enterprise website has a clear description of the value of the product or service, whether there is a clear website is the most unique selling point is very important. It is best not to let the visitors take the time to speculate, nor should the enterprise ready to accept either course, culture, products, prices and other straightforward to say, the most important thing is to have clear contact, convenient customer inquiries, after all, there are a lot of customers or habits through one to one exchange to further understand.

two, visitors reach the page accurate

foreign trade enterprises in the promotion of the site, usually choose to buy the form of keywords. Foreign trade enterprises need to pay attention to is, when do keyword advertising in the search engine for accurate, the visitors arrive at the page and highly relevant keywords, a common mistake is all set to arrive at the home page.

three, professional image design

some foreign trade enterprise website design is not professional, to the customer impression is not good, resulting in the loss of corporate image. According to the observation of expert global e-commerce Chinese nets: site visitors usually think of enterprise product or service quality as its website visual image, which is equal to put high demands to the website design of foreign trade enterprises, professional background image design is a professional enterprise culture and formal Enterprise products.

four, website design in accordance with the buyer’s habits

on this global electronic business experts China nets have talked about many times, simply said, is the buyers to purchase products or services on the site of what is customary, follow what route, how to choose and judge on the website usability requirements, it must be considered the problem of foreign trade enterprises.

five, site error free

this is the most basic requirements, links, grammar, text, no big mistake, the site should be as perfect as possible. The more mistakes the web site, the worse the visitors feel, they will think that the operator is rough, and the product or service is often problematic. If even the basic mistakes will be committed to the enterprise, and how to talk about the professional?.

six, visitor action Path >

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