As long as three rapid promotion of your site

doesn’t want to play a lot of words. A few words. It’s OK to introduce the meaning clearly.

1: eBook: there is some information about all our local, no advertising component, is very valuable, only in the last time I had a local information update, then contains by connecting to my website, that is to say under the book people will become my website: and because this book is useful to you, so targeted high.

ebook template to promote, interested can look down, don’t have no interest, because the local station, so there is no advertising means, because I was standing, you don’t have any value for my flow.

2: custom software promotion: 360 security guards Qihoo application, a customized version for your website, this software is anti-virus, you can induce, and then let your local people to download and install, because of you in the name of the website software, so the promotion effect is. Also you can find some other software for you to customize the software such as I also please give me the old pig made a version of the TOP browser in xiasha. Through the recommendation of such software to achieve a certain effect. Two software in the following, are interested you can look down, see what is the way. You can do this in your own way. The following software only provides reference, you can think of other ways.

3: send pictures to your local forum: pictures to have the best features, such as I send an article, the title of the beauty of candid camera, see the title you want to see?. So you must see. The picture is not able to pornography, if pornography maybe you tomorrow in the police. Only Title ambiguity. We look at the ID=7 in the picture on the inside, I wrote the words "love Xiasha", so that people see the picture to see the picture on the website, it will promote your station.

note: first you send pictures do not bring your website address in the picture, because the picture on your own server, you send after a day later, after approval by the administrator, you re on your own server instead of the picture, let the picture with your net call, so you can achieve the effect of publicity, if you start with the site, generally they will delete your post, because now the local site is fire, are people.

this promotion is not only

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