Local county information network website promotion experience


back in 2009 I started to contact site, then wanted to have their own website! What do think finally thought website finally decided to do a classified information website of our local small town! Then to domain name, CN was only 1 dollars, so what was the selected CN! Do not know, just know cheap ah. Choose a domain name shanghe888.cn ha long enough now! Do a lot of ideological struggle, finally decided to buy CN! So to buy a domain name space is for free!! so I have their own local information network


do not know how to promote, but to add a number of local QQ group. Every day in the group to promote their website free advertising gift, so a lot of people have added me! And is the home page to do a few free advertising position! At that time on the first day of IP only more than and 50. Also with a lot of local sites to exchange links slowly my key words, Shanghe, Shanghe, Shanghe information network climbed to the Baidu home page. Cooperation with local businesses to make my stand stable at 200IP. It lasts 2 months after IP to 3001 200IP should be said that the small town still can. Slowly on the pop-up ads, a few dollars a day. But did not know that will affect their own websites, 1 months later, I found my site Baidu not update, SITE is not on the first page of Baidu! Slowly included even one day decline.

I realized that he had made a mistake! Just a few months operating on the AD website is to pop, is the first Baidu K! In addition to that time the record check is very strict to my head! Finally, the server was blocked! Finally, advise everyone not to run, 1 year old site do not just pop ads on


original www.0531qf.cn Ji’nan takeoff network

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