Han Han’s prison and the Spring Festival

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Han Han’s film "Virgo" never ever meet again sold 6 billion, 2 years later, and then follow up a victory with hot pursuit, launched the virgin film "ride the wind and waves three of us are walking together, happy young town", then cut into a "ride the wind and waves".

was said to be a virgin, is because the film did not reflect the first heat, there are a large number of men and women in marriage theme song "man song" line, is referred to as "thousand female straight cancer". Total straight women are worried about cancer in male chauvinist aggression, dished out a "discrimination against women" the iron hat, must resolutely resist, never to see Wang Feng asteachers Chinese "good voice" and "singing teacher Bai Yansong please put me in the haze in Beijing".


according to this logic, Liuxiaolingtong teacher should appeal people to resist Stephen Chow’s "journey to the west" demon volts, because you "demonize" Monkey King, take out the history of the most ugly monkey king, you are not the same as I shape the image of Monkey King, so you hurt the feelings of the people of Chinese do not resist not Chinese!



is there a lot of black humor?

although no one to protect male thing but I brood on, without any prejudice to protect women’s rights. I’m just on all frequently an exaggeration word prison alert.

‘s protection itself is a decent, rational and full of enlightenment meaning of citizen behavior, but by this way make groundless accusations claim the rights of others in the crowd just a glance, you Biao a "you see what", rushed to fight, kill him, his mouth shouting kill him, this is the adrenaline revolution teenager.

maybe we are ignorant, did not see the ingrained male chauvinist in simple things in common, we need to be filled with wisdom, is the need for such a violent way to enlightenment, wake up a motley crew, hendou private words a minute to overthrow the so-called inequality, but really need to look at the men and women of the family by this class opposition idea? Must the time into equivalent exchange, is the most ideal results of


right is necessary, but right is not equal to happiness.


in fact, this session of the Spring Festival in the various marketing, Han Han is not the black one of the most miserable. Called to near collapse edge, hate not born again, is the Spring Festival itself.

to the rainbow Choir "self-help guide" as the representative of the Spring Festival, each big door upright, and famous.

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