3W coffee you learn how to use zero advertising to create a strong brand

Hello everyone, I’m just. Today, I share the word of mouth marketing skills, because 3W coffee was founded three years ago today, a penny advertising costs have not been spent, but the Internet people basically know 3W. The network is now doing big, tens of thousands of resumes every day delivery, but from the creation of today totally took three hundred thousand of the marketing costs. Our entire user access is based on word of mouth, so share with you what we do word-of-mouth experience.


word of mouth in the end how to produce


to generate word of mouth to spread word of mouth. There are three aspects of word of mouth:

one, the ultimate product or service

you have to focus on a point in order to the extreme, the ultimate after the word of mouth, so the first one must be the ultimate user expectations. Like red rice note mobile phone is very explosive, then the big screen, and Samsung’s Note as big, it sold 799, its own user expectations.

I think the pull hook network over the past few months to do good, 24 speed entry first flashpoint. We will find, such as Jingdong logistics is sent two times a day, at nine in the morning before the order before four pm to, so most people first received so fast things quite surprising, it is beyond the expected. We wonder, looking for a job is the same, resume no echo may be over one or two weeks, received a telephone interview. So why not buy things like your resume as quickly reply before twelve noon today? Your resume will get a reply before twelve o’clock in the evening, you can not tell your resume, you can get an interview. Before twelve in the evening to resume, before the second day of twelve points must give you reply. So the whole word of mouth is very good, the user has a great increase.

, for example, when the electricity supplier site logistics, logistics will be done to track, that is, you can view the goods you buy in real time to be sent to what place, the user feel at ease. Why can’t I know my resume has been received by HR, have been seen by HR, HR is now what kind of state of mind, do not ask me to interview. We will do this thing in the WeChat public account the network, such as your resume after the past, will prompt you, HR is the selection of your resume, if you think that HR resume is also good, you can directly in the WeChat interview about you, then you will have feedback that HR is about your interview. These are all in real time, the whole feedback, from the delivery of the resume to receive an interview notice, may be a minute, it will bring a surprise, bring word of mouth. Our staff are all pull hook nets have a their strokes, typical cases, one night, a classmate of the network delivery position, Maldron pull hook CEO just didn’t sleep, watching WeChat, see your resume after the notification, he immediately resume view in WeChat, I feel pretty good, just immediately return to the information to others, at half past nine tomorrow morning.

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