How to increase the popularity of links and web traffic

      1, the establishment of links

      do more links to other sites related to your site content. Not only to pay attention to the quantity, but also pay attention to quality, this will give your site to bring real traffic. Because when the network user enters the website of the link partner, he also can come to your website through link. Creating links to topics related to the directory can help you expand your business and get additional traffic. If the site content is a hot topic, it is very conducive to search engine spiders crawl and easy to get a higher ranking. High ranking, good content, rich information, can provide a good link to the site of the network users, while the user’s identity is conducive to the improvement of the site rankings.

      2, publish website content and promote your website

      often to have authority in some industry sites, major portals or high traffic website published an article, the best is the latest, with the value of the original article, indicate the author and your URL, it will bring you considerable loyal target customers. It will greatly increase your web traffic, at the same time, your site will get a higher ranking.

      3, the initiative to the major search engines to submit your site

      although the search engine can automatically crawl your site, but because the update cycle or other factors (such as search engines to update hundreds of millions of websites, occasionally lost one or two websites is normal) under the action of it may not be able to crawl your site, then you should take the initiative to submit your site to the search engine, in order to speed up the search engine index to your site.

      4, submit your website to the major open directory

      many search engine data are derived from the open directory. At present, the three well-known open directory has DMOZ, Yahoo and Looksmart. Each of them plays an important role. Such as: Google open directory is the use of DMOZ data, the first three bits of Google are more likely to join the DMOZ website; all AOL users submit website is maintained by the DMOZ; Hotbot and its parent company Lycos is using DMOZ data

      DMOZ is completely free, but the need to wait patiently for a few months or even a year after submission, and Yahoo and Looksmart is the need to pay part of the cost, but the speed is much faster.


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