Details WeChat marketing should start from what point

for WeChat marketing, how do you think, I believe this is a lot of people in the hearts of doubt. From two thousand randomly selected data in CY opinion, we will find the support of WeChat marketing advertising accounted for 25.6%, against marketing advertising accounted for 34.1%, neutral 40.3%. Although this group of data can not fully reflect the WeChat marketing network environment, at least most of it still has practical significance, that WeChat marketing is the need of the market, the main battlefield of it has not changed, in the entire marketing family, WeChat or heavy weight. But at the same time, the monitoring results also reflect another problem, nearly 30% of the people think that the advertising target population on the marketing of WeChat is not accurate, WeChat was in marketing emphasis, so how to change this rough and brutal way of marketing, has become the most difficult problem for WeChat marketing.

is looking for the root cause of the opposition. WeChat marketing invidious reason is very simple, can not understand the consumer an antidote against the disease, or hobby, blindly advertising prevarication, no scruples about this piece of information is not the consumers need, accept, object. The problem is clear, the answer is very clear, as marketers can not always pay attention to the collection of the previous work, the process is boring and time-consuming. Modaobuwukanchaigong truth we all know, these will tend to be implemented is hard to find WeChat marketing forms and ways of error, is looking for the root cause of the opposition. The problem is that consumers don’t need rice, but to flour, WeChat marketers feel can replace the rice flour; consumers need water, I pushed to fire the wrong marketing, after a huge gap caused by the great contrast. Therefore, the problem is back to the first, how to get more accurate marketing itself, so that consumers get the best to meet the demand, rather than blindly push, this must be a reasonable grasp of marketing personnel. Perhaps through the selection and refinement of user attributes, the property will touch the quasi youth, and then in accordance with the same attributes of the user group, the effect will be better.

of precise marketing. WeChat marketing advertising rampant phenomenon also exists, how to avoid this problem, greatly aroused the marketer’s distress, is mainly affected by the background, a very realistic question in front marketers, if you want to be accurate to one to one marketing, the cost is too high, the feasibility and the effect is very low. The streets are lined with small ads in the WeChat marketing thinking should not work, although not all of a sudden for marketing, WeChat’s main ideas can not be changed, the precise business philosophy or to go. The first is to do according to the commodity structure and the consumer groups of self; find the precise user itself, can not be blind to the user in a circle all together, then this is a wide net, for the time and energy consumption, we should find out who is most suitable for our products, and we want to contact anyone; secondly, self breakthrough, establish a set of small scale marketing circles, find out the operation method and operation time of the lowest cost.

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