Analysis of WeChat’s business model and the reasons for its success

WeChat has what kind of business model?

business model is a relatively broad concept, including product model, business model, profit model, advertising revenue model, this is not the only one. In this paper, the product model, marketing model, profit model of WeChat’s business model analysis. WeChat product model from the point of view of product developers, WeChat is fully developed by Tencent Inc, Tencent has a WeChat developer team, is responsible for the development of WeChat business. It launched with the operator of homogeneous business is different, with China Mobile’s Fetion Fetion is for example, mobile Internet OTT business in order to deal with the impact and the introduction of instant communication tools, by the third party Ultrapower company responsible for the development of exclusive. For developers, QQ business based on the success of the WeChat team will have more experience than the third party companies to develop products to meet user needs, and Fetion business entirely to the development of the third party company, leading to the developers lack the sense of competition.

locating from the product perspective, WeChat’s mobile phone instant messaging applications, is essentially a kind of chat tool, no matter how WeChat development, WeChat as a communication tool has become the main demands of the vast majority of users of WeChat.


all functions are designed around this position, the most basic services provided by WeChat is Short Message and voice messages, these two services are to meet the basic needs of user communication, especially voice messaging services, making the communication between users and remote users more convenient use of voice messaging services the cost is much lower than the long distance call. Although WeChat’s voice messaging service can only achieve one-way conversation at the same time, but the future is likely to have the same function as KakaoKik mVoIP duplex voice service in real time.

on the basis of the service, WeChat launched a number of value-added services, such as shake, nearby people, etc., to facilitate communication between strangers. WeChat’s public platform allows individuals and businesses can build a public number WeChat, and achieve a specific group of text, pictures, voice, a full range of communication and interaction. WeChat marketing model WeChat has been able to accumulate so many users in such a short time, with its marketing model is inseparable.

first, a large number of users of WeChat from the original Tencent QQ users, the user can through the WeChat QQ offline with QQ friends to send and receive news, many users began to use this function based on WeChat. As everyone knows, QQ is always instant chat software the most popular, because WeChat is a complementary with QQ products, most users are also using QQ and WeChat, with two services that the number of users of WeChat’s fast growth.

second, WeChat mobile phone users by mail list will be bundled together, because mobile phone mail list there are more intimate acquaintances, friends, in the WeChat user driven, many do not know the original business people have begun to become.

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