Sogou browser intelligent version of the online shopping features triggered Taobao sellers dispute

"standard price trends so detailed, seems to be the real thing, in order to have a promotion effect!" and "not arbitrary models, Sogou than to know specifications and other offers", has just launched a week, is still in the testing phase of Sogou browser Beta version has been smell of wisdom keen on Taobao business. The reporters found that the seller on the part of Taobao "hate", have Tucao, one of the reasons is that there is more, "Sogou discovery" function, can realize the whole network parity, price trend analysis, price alert and other "bad" sellers function, forcing Taobao to sellers had to consider the strategy of the past, dare not easily fudge.

compared to Tmall businesses and Jingdong and other platforms electricity supplier, Taobao sellers are often required by the "small is beautiful" marketing to impress the customer, but Taobao still want to follow the seller information asymmetry old-fashioned practices, by changing the model, after the first price discounts and other means to continue the business. But in front of the whole network parity Sogou found, these tricks only "leak stuffing", so that consumers have the ability at a glance. Analysis of death and baby price trends, so that the consumer price adjustment to business promotional crystal clear, rhetoric lost attraction in front of the trend.

but there are Taobao businesses to hold the opposite opinion, think so but can promote fair competition, the Matthew effect weakened flow more big sellers, let the competition to get rid of brutal price war, through the true value of goods to attract customers, make formal small sellers have more opportunities to appear in the target customer’s perspective. For example, in the Taobao search for "high heels", in addition to consumers can refer to Taobao’s classification (popular elements, brand choice), Sogou discovery can also recommend "club", according to the sales "coarse" explosion of category, this recommendation is based on classification of consumers are currently browsing the possibility of a higher sense of consumers of interest, can reduce shopping time, help consumers faster to choose the right goods, not only according to the sales and price index to judge.


[figure: Sogou browser can be viewed according to the current version of the product you are interested in search of explosive category]

A reporter for the

version of Sogou Sogou browser wisdom found "features were also found in the pro test, will install Sogou browser version Beta wisdom, when we are in the different types of web browsing, light" Sogou found "button, the function will be according to the current page information intelligent judgment and analysis we probably need the information, then optimize information and directly show in the bottom of the current page. When browsing Taobao, just need to scroll the mouse you can see "Sogou discovery" provided by the whole network parity, not only provides a full network of this baby for sale business, and in accordance with the price from low to high order, according to the mall and the Taobao store to distinguish good where to sell the most cost-effective all rounded. If you think it is not cheap enough, would like to wait and see, on the right there is a price reminder button, click on the following, the price will be able to mention the price

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