The ghost website delete year tens of thousands of commissions forum moderator fat is bad


recently, Baidu three employees from participating in paid posts ", by the police on suspicion of non national staff of bribery criminal detention. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (micro-blog), the police have set up a task force on the matter, is under further investigation. The news that more than a Baidu employee jingfangxingju, "paid delete posts" refers to the number of companies. But this statement has not been confirmed by the police.

‘s survey found that a large number of network public relations companies rely on "paid posts" profit, and most national famous website (Forum), the moderator staff collusion with gray transactions require local government departments, enterprises and individuals.


delete posts 2000 yuan delete news 8000 yuan

online search delete posts, there are nearly thirty million related information, mostly professional delete negative information network company.

reporters found that most companies have independent websites to delete posts, often called "network public relations crisis". They range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, to attract business on the Internet, leaving the phone, QQ and other contact information.

reporter contacted by QQ to delete a post company, the company staff, their customers are mostly businesses, local government departments or individuals, the high price to delete negative posts or manuscripts. The company and the country thousands of websites (Forum) have close business contact manager, and often help some posts related departments, enterprises and individuals to solve "as pressing danger".

subsequently, the reporter sent to the company to be a three site forum reprinted land dispute posts". The other said, the same post but different sites, delete posts different charges. Three websites need to delete posts fees were 2600 yuan, $1000, $1800.

company staff explained that, in collaboration with different web site administrator, you need to give a certain amount of hard work, the administrator out of the high price, the company received a high fee to delete posts.

delete the news portal site, delete the company charges higher.

reporter asked to delete a company to delete a post by several portals reproduced news. So a network of 8000 yuan, so a net of $6000." The delete posts are price tag, the staff explained that if the news posts on the blog or forum Post Bar, spent less than 2000 yuan will be able to fix. The regular news page, delete news posts, site staff need to take a considerable risk, and not lose the job, "risking his job to help, price is not low".

subsequently, the reporter went to delete a number of companies to delete a post on a news website in Beijing. A number of companies to delete posts, said, how much money can not be deleted". A company to delete the company said, the company generally with the well-known commercial portal (Forum) cooperation, with the newspaper >

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