Ali application distribution pea pods set up traffic content double entry

Economic Observer reporter rainbow cover up in December 20th this year, Ali in July into the pea pods mobile business group issued a "content distribution strategy, upgrade to the flow and content of double entrance, through the application of content aggregation and application content in front of the way, let the user more efficient touch up application content, leading the industry into the era of consumer content distribution applications.


application distribution integration of the pea pods, Ali game · nine tour, PP assistant, UC app store, what search, and combined with the YunOS app store application distribution platform, to achieve full flow matrix layout.

pea pods complete business integration

"out to their original settings, create a new pea pods in Ali with an open mind, better practice the pea pods" find more and better world "mission," according to the pea pod co-founder Wang Junyu, pea pods have completed the integration of the business, after the merger in July so far, to achieve integration with the Ali big data strength, get good results, through large data distribution app can improve the transformation rate of approximately 60%~200%, to enhance the flow of high-quality pea pods greater potential, at the same time, pea pods help Ali mobile distribution areas of application in faster expansion of market share.

According to

Questmobile data report, since it was incorporated into Ali mobile business group, significant growth in pea pod user scale, Ali application distribution strength into the first echelon of the industry; in multiple dimensions, user stickiness online consumption ability and willingness, pea pods industry before the column.

Ali application distribution was established, distributed from the operating system layer, the distribution of professional applications and game distribution client, browser and search, such as the end of the distribution, to achieve a panoramic distribution of ecological flow layout. He Xiaopeng believes that the future value of the application of the distribution of Ali is bound to combine the value of data, the formation of a larger ecological closed-loop.

upgrade traffic content dual entry

in the current mobile application distribution industry, Top 200 app occupy the 55%-60% traffic, and the head application showed a trend of consolidation, a large number of long tail applications can not be effectively distributed. The same type of app, the user does not open more than 3 models, many app content almost no chance to touch the user, app developers for high viscosity, high activity, high demand for consumer power is growing.

traditional distribution mode, the user can only download, install, use in order to effectively touch the content of app, the process is cumbersome, access to information efficiency and accuracy are low.

at any time the user’s needs are more efficient to get good content, Zhang Bo pointed out that this is in the context of the flow of the underlying market, pea pods transition to dual entry is imperative. Pea pods launched content distribution strategy, the biggest goal is to do the aggregation and pre application content, through the application of the pre content and services to attract users, faster touch the user, for the user >

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