Domain name investors want to donate his domain name

              May 25th the Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, a few years ago, Chinese domain name "dragon boat.Cn" is with China for the "Dragon Boat Festival" the inscription of the Korea Companies registered, caused a great disturbance! Fortunately, later this domain name for domestic domain name investors price repurchase, avoiding the loss of overseas embarrassment.

Dragon Boat Festival is an important custom of dragon boat races, eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, etc., these are related to Qu Yuan activities. Qu Yuan is a great patriotic poet and politician, his poetry and noble sentiment become an important source of Chinese culture and valuable heritage! Then the relevant domain name yuan what is the situation now?

I know, on the Internet, with Qu Yuan as the main promotional website is currently very rare! But Qu Yuan’s Pinyin Quyuan related domain names, such as,, etc. have long been registered domain name investors, but has not been applied. Fortunately, these domain name registration information shows that the registrant is domestic!

fortunately, today I see the relevant domain name holder in two successive home owners ( Post said, willing to free to donate this domain to the hometown of Qu Yuan!

The domain name holders of, China real estate network ( general manager Dai Yue said that he intends to be the domain name donated to the hometown of Qu Yuan. Before people have a million to buy, but he is worried about the domain name not to return to the hometown of Qu Yuan, so refused.

The domain name holder, renamed China ( CEO Kong Dejing learned to wear Yue said, if you can link to the relevant departments, he is also very willing to this domain donations, in order to achieve the best use, is to do something for the popularity of traditional culture!

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