Community useless t is because you do not understand the community depth long

article long, first thought map ~

recently encountered some claiming to be a partner to do community operations, after careful communication found that they do not call the operation of the community, at best, only to do a micro business and product marketing advertising group. Community itself is a tall on the form, but was 99% micro business group, marketing group pulled down the value. Many enterprises to do business, playing up micro marketing of WeChat group, QQ group, also called community all kinds of dragons and fishes jumbled together operation. The WeChat group or community operations that are operating as the QQ group is superficial cognition of the community, the community is to spoil. Sorry, it’s a bit harsh, please ignore this section.


community is the real boom in 2014, most of the domestic community was founded this year or into public view, followed by the super brother with you to look at the current domestic do relatively successful community:


is part of the above listed community currently relatively well-known, from the list of the community, we can see that the community has been able to succeed because they are able to focus on a common goal, based on this goal continued for community members to create value, but also the community without a purely online operation and success. A successful community must be O2O mode. Learning communities in many communities are the most difficult to sustain. If the creator of the community is not deep accumulation and can not continue to provide valuable content must not be successful. On the day the caravan and Luo friends meeting for example: Tianma help Analysys International 16 years relying on the experience for transformation of traditional enterprise Internet accumulation, and brought together into thousands of internal and external experts for professional instructors every Monday, three, five for entrepreneurs to provide high quality speech online live courses; Luo TeamRoyal is based on logic the powerful thinking since the media continues to provide valuable Luo powder content. Content is the core of the community, the most important part, especially the learning community, this community is the most difficult to maintain. In all communities in the relationship between the community is the most easy to maintain, such as alumni, fellow workers, the relationship between the composition of the former employees of the community, this community is the most reliable, most likely to play a role in its self-organization community.

said, many people may ask, how to manage a successful community?

today from the road, law, surgery, four levels to analyze how to run a successful community.


: Community essence = connection + trust

Internet is the essence of the establishment of a connection, is to do information symmetry, throughout the development of the Internet can not escape this rule. Community is no exception, the essence of the community is to make further connections on the basis of the Internet: connecting people and information, connecting people and people. To reduce the cost of advertising, search costs and delivery by establishing trust relationships among the group members

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