7 ways to find high quality potential customers in B2B industry website

a lot of people by phone or QQ asked me: "Li Xuejiang, where I find customers calling? Why do I do customer sales staff?", in order to systematically answer your questions, I write this article, talking about the wrong or not perfect, welcome to clap brick. Find the target customers is B2B industry website telephone sales staff in the practical work in addition to telephone communication spend the most time working, can find more target customers, the quality of the target customers, is the key to the success or failure of a salesman saying: one can’t make bricks without straw, the target customer is the sales staff meters. As a sales manager, sales director or company to all levels of management, from various channels, through a variety of methods for high quality target customers for sales staff, the site itself is also engaged in the B2B industry for manufacturing enterprises to find the target customer service.

target customer search is a system engineering, the ability to find high-quality customers, affected by various factors. To find the target customer quality is uneven, some seem to be our target customers, but when we are in contact with each other, or we do not recognize each other, either directly linked to our phone, even let us have no chance to introduce myself. As a telephone sales, to find high quality target customers, through the phone sales, once again screening out a higher quality target customers, continuous tracking, in order to talk more customers.

1 registered members of their own website

registered members of the site, basically do not need to find, who registered their website members, including corporate members, individual members, customers are our important goals, because he registered, most of them are more recognized in our website, or he may browse, think nothing, is not registered. These customers, the sales manager to do a good job of distribution, according to the order of registration, the average distribution to all sales staff, is more reasonable, can be used to help you achieve sales management system. Registered users, a large part is to free promotion, let them pay more exclusive sales work is: through further communication and understanding, to determine whether we need to track customers, identify key target customers tracking, maintain communication. General industry website success rate can reach 1%-5%, this rate to 500 customers to calculate accurately, just set up soon, visibility is not high site, the success rate may be 1%, high visibility, really promote the value of the site, can reach 5%, and of course the level of sales staff.

2 by phone, online message or QQ consulting clients

general B2B industry websites have online consulting, some customers at a time to a membership fee or advertiser, he would want us to contact him directly to the online message, or by telephone, or by QQ consulting to get in touch with us, this type of customer is generally allocated to all sales personnel. Some of the sites by pin.

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