Cheng Binghao FuPan Entrepreneurship WeChat is not the fundamental reason micro blog beat happy net


technology news July 22nd morning news, the race for the intelligent acquisition of Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co. Ltd. (happy network) 100% equity, happy network founder and CEO Cheng Binghao in his micro-blog and WeChat issued a public letter of resignation, today, he sent an open letter, replay from happy net brilliant to decline reason, about the entrepreneurial heart away, analyzed and happy net.

Cheng Binghao from the personal reasons analysis pointed out that no comprehensive unified management over a line of business before the start; no focus on the management of non product technical personnel; I love setting high goals for yourself; typical engineers perfectionist nature; EQ is low, do not love together.

talked about false happy network, he pointed out that the mainstream user base is still a real happy network, in 2011, we finally ushered in the final judgment of the court, false happy net off.

for micro-blog WeChat beat happy network, he believes that the emergence of micro-blog, WeChat accelerated (user decline) this process, but this is not the root cause.

in the view of Cheng Binghao, happy net is really the most important reason has two: one is to steal food, parking, also has the life cycle; the two is not just a social acquaintance, to become the largest pillar of a product.

the following is the full text of the open letter:

in 2008, I and several colleagues of sina founded Kaixin (Beijing Kaixin Information Technology Co., Ltd.), until now (2016) I left, a total of eight years, this is my own summary and farewell to the past eight years.

actually I thought a summary is far from complete, this text sums up the lack of more tricks, but the enthusiasm of many friends care and attention I received yesterday, the mobile phone battery used up soon, especially the media friends raised a lot of questions, but now a rush rush. Maybe in a few years, I can do a happy net summary 2.

happy network the most brilliant time, has been numerous interpretation (including my own interpretation), I am here mainly from the perspective of brilliant interpretation.

in 2009, many people think that happy net has the opportunity to become a super Internet Co, but I failed investors and employees is happy, the net was started from 2010 to user activity decline, and finally transformed into a mobile phone game company, is no longer a platform company, 2015 profit of tens of millions of large happy people. This is the crystallization of people happy smart and struggle, but indeed from 09 years to see the "best possible" from. Why?

The following is about

, I saw the reason, but this is certainly not the final answer to this question, a replay this is my personal do, welcome.

first find the reason from the person, my personal limitations:

I do not have a comprehensive management of a business line, mainly engaged in product and technology management

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