WeChat marketing menu offer 80 thousand experts said the marketing effect is magnified


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two-dimensional code promotion, WeChat content push, automatic reply system, store content query, WeChat public opinion analysis……" A list of 21 projects for 80 thousand WeChat marketing menu recently circulated on the Internet, aroused heated discussion, experts shouted WeChat operation effect is hugely magnified, too outrageous!

WeChat marketing pricing is not low

this set of users from the menu from a marketing company in Hangzhou recently held a meeting, according to the description, the scene is invited to small and medium enterprises. On the menu, including the robot automatic response system, two-dimensional code identification production, as well as keyword search, three online and offline activities, etc.. If the price is 8 sets, "a play, easily accounted for about 1000000".

in this regard, many are involved or interested in the WeChat marketing industry believes that this price is very attractive. Online and offline brand activities 3 times, if the completion of these 21 are not as expensive as if the 80 thousand ah. After all, also involves question and answer robot, a customer is estimated to have to do half a person, the company also estimated the cost of fifty thousand or sixty thousand, there are big data and the structure of the people, valuable!

Xiao Meng is a car sales company marketing manager, small scale enterprises, he attended a small marketing company held a sales conference earlier this year, WeChat site promotion packages, both content marketing, but also ensure that the number of promotion can be achieved, for 100 thousand year. In his opinion, the charge is not high, "marketing so fresh and interesting, our audience is mostly fashion crowd, mostly playing WeChat, put the goal is clear, it is worth a try, after a lapse of three months, WeChat public account enterprise fans although up to 700 people, but because the promotion of WeChat account on the phone to ask people is not much. But Xiao Meng is still very optimistic, this is to be done for a long time, will produce benefits."

in fact, in the current fast WeChat marketing field, even the design of a single project is frequently for tens of thousands, a company official said, before they ask only to design a two-dimensional code VI (visual design) applications, other charges 50 thousand yuan. According to the reporter, many companies have invested in WeChat marketing has reached a million level.

at the end of last year since the rise of WeChat marketing, is growing. It is understood that, at present, 60% of small marketing companies are doing micro-blog marketing to WeChat marketing transformation, or do business WeChat, especially the traditional enterprise WeChat based, which is a relatively large market."

experts advise not to blindly invest in

for the initial stage of WeChat marketing heat, industry professionals are not optimistic. In the end, according to the menu can be said that the full implementation of the content from the point of view, the cost is not low." An analysis of the marketing industry analysts believe that light from the cost of

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