[original] webmaster should learn from porn website long

webmaster should learn from porn website long……

said you might pass our webmaster, to scorn eyes. Indeed, such a webmaster is shameful, in order to benefit. At all…..

but, from another point of view. Porn station owners also have a lot to learn from;

1 stable user viscosity, a huge user base

remember, the original domestic had such a surprise the world the other case — "erotic June day" his registration number reached nearly one million, the daily refresh times in more than 10 million, in addition to erotic June day there are hundreds of races. Eventually be detected by the police……

see here, we should be surprised by his user viscosity and user base

stick, everybody knows. Is the impression that can attract users to browse again. That is to generate more repeat customers.

this year, PV can brush, IP can brush, and even ALEXA can brush. Determine whether the site is not a factor in the success of the rankings and traffic, but the user base. You know the cheerleaders. Logistics is a website if there is such a stable user base, he is successful. Avoid social ethics, from the point of view of the site, now a website needs such viscosity and user groups!

2 multi traffic considerations

porn site traffic source is 4 sides of the 8: basic is divided into: search engine text chain Trojan own advertising……

is such a porn site traffic is amazing, we should consider a website. Do not form a qualitative thinking, like many people now go to school alone SEO, most of the day spent in garbage. Finally, K is nothing. And if our traffic can be as wide as a porn site, our website can survive, of course, like a Trojan this source, I quite despise.

3 from small to large, from local to overall

porn site is generally a site group, and the beginning of a separate site. Is slowly spreading,…… Oh, many of their own to pay attention to it..

said so much, do porn is prohibited by the state, the webmaster do not because of a momentary impulse and violated state law!!!


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