Red do Wangzhuan must talk about the brotherhood

network is like a big river, and you are good is that the legendary webmaster. The difference is that we as a carrier to network, using the keyboard as a weapon, in the network world traveling back and forth, to cry, thus, the brotherhood for the webmaster, the severity of as can be imagined. So how can you reflect the knight webmaster brotherhood, features five aspects to talk about the golden Wangzhuan:

a good website needs to have its own website positioning strategy and brand influence

In the legend of the

arena, there is always a magical story of endless, and with the site’s bigger and stronger, more and more severe. This is the point we should learn Baidu CEO Lee hero, his name is linked to this and Baidu, and with his famous increase, the one hand operation of Baidu has become a household name. The popularity of its corporate website can be imagined. So, if you want to be a good webmaster, you should get out. Refused to do a low-key stand, do the site to get a better promotion.

two, do a website needs to have a fixed number of users + friends to support your development

as the saying goes: at home by their parents, go out to rely on friends, the site is the same, look at the success of Web site operators, you can easily find the net friend + add friends around, which leads to make their sites and achieved remarkable results. The success of the network operation is 30% of the knowledge and skills of +60% of the human resources +10% diligence.

three, do a website needs to better respect your competitors

is now driven by the interests, every webmaster, there are some unharmonious factors there are many, in fact, your competition is the cause of the success of the biggest help, this is because you can learn a lot does not need to pay any fees stuff on them, and these things, you will in fact, that you didn’t get what. If you haven’t had enough good opponent, or that you are discerning, or you have to know the mistake is to own market.

four, a good website needs diligently to help others

called the arena of loyalty, my superficial view is that you actively to help others, if you can be very good to help others, your opponent will inevitably will respect you, your relationships can be so easy to set up, and you in this arena, there will always be a legend.

five, a good site also need to have the courage to fight the courage and determination of

due to the development of your site will encounter many difficulties, but we still need to have a military that pedestria name is dead, but also dare to sword spirit, this energy must have. As the saying goes, the method is more difficult. As long as we pick up the hands of the keyboard, use it as a weapon to successfully operate the site, as long as you insist, you will certainly be able to succeed.

superficial conversation with you my sincere. Hope can be given

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