Daily topic Wo Wo Group listed delayed Miss specific time uncertainty

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 27th news, originally should be in the United States in February 25th the NASDAQ listed Wo Wo Group is "Miss"! In this regard, Wo Wo Group’s answer is: foreign media is based on the process and calculating possible in February 25th, but the listing process is still going, the specific time will postpone.

had litters for the first time in January 10th submitted to the SEC prospectus. Wowo said in the prospectus, as the local life service e-commerce platform China leading, Wowo focused on providing online sales platform for local life service businesses Chinese, local life service businesses to open online stores in Wowo platform, direct sales of its products or services to consumers.

February 5th, Wo Wo Group update again in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission official website prospectus. The updated prospectus disclosure, Wo Wo Group IPO the amount of financing, the issue price range and the newly introduced three independent directors. Wo Wo Group plans through the IPO to raise 54 million -6600 million dollars, is expected to issue price range of $-11 $9.

according to the previous message, Wo Wo Group should be on the evening of 25 official Nasdaq Stock Code "WOWO", plans to issue 6 million shares of American Depositary Shares (equivalent to 108 million ordinary shares), the issue price of $9 per American depositary shares to $11, the highest of approximately $65 million of financing, the market value of about 384 million dollars. But as of now Wo Wo Group has yet to show specific time to market.

Analysys think tank released "quarter Chinese radar user group purchase market monitoring report 2014 third quarter" data show that in the third quarter of 2014, the U.S. group, public comment, Baidu Nuomi respectively to 55%, 22%, 13% market share to become the top three Chinese group purchase market, the group purchase website he co segmentation market share of 10%. At the same time, Analysys think tank predicted the second half of 2014, group purchase market transactions amounted to 46 billion 200 million yuan, the annual turnover of 75 billion yuan. However, there is no listing of a buy site. Wo Wo Group in 2014 over the same period the turnover is only 3 billion 690 million yuan, only occupy the entire market turnover of 7.2%.

even today’s stock price than the group purchase originator Groupon IPO issue price fell by more than 65% in the United States, investors of group purchase stocks does not favor. People close to Wo Wo Group said, Wo Wo Group will be listed there is a certain risk, namely the problem of employee stock options. Once the massive layoffs in the transformation of the machine after the adjustment of personnel involved in the issue of options will soon be highlighted. At present, some former executives of Wo Wo Group attorneys of eighty thousand stake in its exercise, Wo Wo Group claims to.

for Wo Wo Group may be listed at this time is the last chance!

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