For 4 years ago regret do stand experience

      99 year high, the teacher gave us the first lesson of computer course is about 10 hex and 2 hex and 16 hex difference, first break I think every 10 into a thought, think of computer and human brain is not the same ah. But at that time, the computer resources are very poor, the computer class is only let us typing, other things are not allowed to do, so did not mention any interest in the computer. This has been to the junior college entrance exam, when the pressure, a lot of students went to the Internet cafes to play. Have a classmate pulled me to the cafe, the first time to contact QQ, students have QQ, but QQ is not good for a long time did not help me. I had to wander to the Internet, do not know how to enter a chat room, and a net friend chat very happy, the user name "sell" the little match girl, chat now do not remember, just remember very excited. Later, the college entrance examination approaching, did not go online.

      when I was in college, I wanted to learn the arts, but he does not know how to think of the computer information management professional sound technology, let me on this subject, so I gave up his love of the law, to give up the undergraduate, came to Xi’an on a private University College still, the program, just came to the University, the mood is very low, the computer only basic computer course and the principle, knowledge of computer hardware, there is no mention of how much interest in computer. When the sophomore semester opened the door of "making class, the teacher was very bad, is about to learn about it, a lot of things you don’t know the time of presentation is always wrong, so we are confused. I bought several floppy disk, U disk has not come out of it, then the site built on the disk, spent two nights to borrow a friend’s computer website, in the depth of night, every time the storage of the vibration sound soft zone is very big, because I was in a friend’s bedroom, so afraid to fight up, okay one night a creak didn’t wake them up. Remember that time is spent doing, love always make the background garish, but also feel good, this is also with the girlfriend quarrel, she said I am not artistic, I am very angry, I said I do look good.

      I still refused to accept, but also added a lot of GIF animation, and later handed in the homework, the teacher said that my web page opened to make her feel breathless, very nervous. But I still passed the exam, and I didn’t do it. Until after graduation, work hard to find the time to do a medicine portal interview graphic design requirements on the test of CD, only a few days ago I learned a little bit ah, but the good luck, because the interview my beauty to resign, may be the company to find her succession they let her go well, she’s just looking for a newspaper to let me do it, I have ah, you can only draw a few boxes, in the afternoon, the company actually called me, said I passed, Ming.

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