Electric cattle technology founder Li Yinan involved in insider trading of first instance jailed for


technology news January 24th evening news, according to Caixin reported, Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court recently made a judgment that, electric cattle technology founder Li Yinan guilty of the crime of insider trading, sentenced in two years and six months, and fined 7 million 500 thousand yuan. Sources said Li Yinan has decided to appeal.

Li Yinan is a 47 year old IT celebrities, at the age of 15 he was admitted to the junior class of Huazhong University of science and technology, 23 year old master graduates to join HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd., two years was promoted to chief engineer of HUAWEI, at the age of 27 and became Vice President of HUAWEI. 2000, Li Yinan left HUAWEI, founder of Harbour Networks Ltd (hereinafter referred to as harbor network), causing the industry to shake. Harbour network is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of broadband network communications technology and products, and HUAWEI can compete directly in the relationship. 2006, the port network was acquired by HUAWEI, Li Yinan returned to HUAWEI, continue to serve as vice president. 2008, Li Yinan once again left HUAWEI, has served as Baidu CTO, China Mobile’s integrated information service platform 12580 CEO. In August 2011, he joined the Jinsha River venture capital fund as a partner. April 2015, Li Yinan founded the Beijing cattle Electric Technology Co., Ltd., as CEO. Cow electric technology main intelligent electric vehicle. Li Yinan has said that this is his last venture.

June 1, 2015, Li Yinan’s cattle electric technology released its first smart electric car. Two days later, at the Shenzhen Baoan Airport tarmac export corridor, just off the plane, Li Yinan was taken away by police, and was arrested on July.

according to the prosecution allegations, April 18, 2014, Li Yinan during his tenure in Jinsha River venture capital, brother-in-law and mother use securities account to buy "CNC" (300161.SZ) the amount of 11 million 485 thousand and 500 yuan to buy 657 thousand and 42 shares. Based on the trust of his brother’s investment decisions, browse the situation of Li Yinan’s securities trading, the younger sister also used its own funds 5 million yuan documentary purchase. Li Yinan a total profit of 439 yuan, more than ten million yuan profit sister.

Li Yinan incident, is due to the sensitive behavior of insider trading transactions, the Commission is a big data system alarm. Prosecutors alleged that Li Yinan was picking accurate, because the insider information sensitive period in Huazhong CNC mergers and acquisitions, and Huazhong CNC President Li Xiaotao repeatedly contact and contact. Li Yinan and Li Xiaotao Department of University Alumni, two people have worked in HUAWEI. February 17, 2014, Huazhong CNC invite Zhuhai intelligent automation equipment Co., responsible person to the Wuhan Donghu Garden Hotel to discuss preliminary merger agreement, both participants signed a confidentiality agreement. Huazhong CNC on May 27, 2014 announced the suspension of the above information and resume trading on September 11, 2014. By the China Securities Regulatory Commission finds that insider information sensitive period from February 17, 2014 to May 26th. Li Yinan and his family’s trading behavior, it is in this sensitive period. See Choi

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