The transformation of the nternet twenty year old Huayi Brothers Holdings to 266 million hit net

just celebrated their 20 anniversary of the biggest domestic film company Huayi Brothers, today took out 266 million yuan to buy 51% stake in blockbuster movie ticketing platform, this also means that the valuation reached 520 million yuan.

According to a recent

noon news, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huayi Brothers Huayi Brothers (Tianjin) Interactive Entertainment Limited intends to invest 266 million 361 thousand and 533 yuan holding Shenzhen Huayu Technology Co. Ltd. (the main management and operation, namely the blockbuster network) get hit 51% stake in the network through the acquisition of equity and capital.

hit network official said that the current cooperation in more than and 80 city and more than and 700 Star Studios, for Internet users and group customers online reservations and other rich viewing service. Huayi side said:

acquisition of the company will hit net positive effect and influence in film distribution channels, the theater business development and other aspects, is conducive to enhancing the core competitiveness of the company. After the completion of the project investment, the company through the integration of resources, enrich talent, strengthen management and other means, can effectively improve the company’s return on assets and shareholder value, and further strengthen the new media business capabilities.

Huayi Brothers in recent years capital moves constantly, its investment in the field including its advantages in the field of film and television (Changsheng film, Yongle Film) and games (silverside Technology), and the investment is the first movie ticketing website.

was held in the evening of June 7th Huayi 20 anniversary celebration, chairman Wang Zhongjun said Huayi will re sort the next operation mode, will be its nine sub business integration into three sections: the movies, TV shows, talent management and other services as the representative of the traditional business segments, the movie commune, cultural city, theme park other services as the representative of the real entertainment sector, as well as games, new media and fans as the core of the Internet economy sector. This is the three sections of the Huayi Brothers in the future layout of the new business, the three carriages".

and Huayi secretaries Hu Ming is announced in the blockbuster acquisition network equity after the announcement said,


acquisition is the company’s blockbuster network of action oriented transformation of the Internet in the future and we will hit the network users and audience interact closely together on this platform, including but not limited to the contents of all the chips, pre-sale viewing, social networking fans and so on.

analysis says, "through the acquisition of Huayi entertainment and the Internet border, but Huayi the pace of acquisitions may be more than this, because if you can hit the network carrying the traffic is still unknown, Huayi next or in the" new media "and" fans economy "the business sector has more investment action.

as of three p.m., Huayi Brothers shares rose slightly by 2.55%.

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