False invasion 185 government website Gang arrested 165 suspects


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collection of false. Newspaper reporter Ouyang Xiaofei photo

to achieve the purpose of real ones, false gangs selling let someone invade government website, adding illegal links, tampering with information, make false buyers can query to the relevant documents and information for gospel truth.

recently, Guangdong, Jieyang police found that the country has 185 government websites have been invaded. Coordinated by the Ministry of public security, as of now, the police arrested 165 suspects, seized more than 7100 fake certificates, fake seals more than 10 thousand.

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official website suspicious link

According to

, director of the Jieyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and the office of Xu Weipeng introduced in early December of last year, the staff in the inspection of Jieyang personnel examination network, found that the website bulletin board, more than a non staff issued by professional and technical personnel identification information.

points to open the link, the staff found that the contents of professional and technical personnel authentication information authentication queries, inquiries, including name, identity card and other information.

"we don’t have any query functions on the test network." Xu Weipeng said that the site may have been hacked, was implanted in a computer virus, plot to publish false information, human resources and social Bureau in December last year, 8, Jieyang City Public Security Bureau report. Jieyang city police department immediately involved in the investigation. At the same time, the human resources and social Bureau will close the site, professional and technical personnel to re programming and design, in order to improve the site’s ability to prevent. 1 months later, the site reopened.

false lock trafficking gangs

police investigation found that the test network is indeed a hacker attack, hackers implanted computer virus, the website announcement information has been modified. Click the illegal link, the page will automatically go to the relevant professional and technical personnel authentication information authentication page.

According to

, these can query authentication information, a hacker by modifying the original database on the site after the addition of the original site, they will be professional and technical appraisal of the normal personnel information deleted, adding their own want to add personnel information. Last December 15th, the Jieyang Municipal Public Security Bureau official investigation of the matter.

soon, the suspect Wu Mouzhong into the police investigation line of sight. The kylin town of Jiangning District of Nanjing City, Wu Mouzhong, the name of the formal training company (Nanjing Long Xin Yuan Education Consulting Co. Ltd) under the guise of trafficking was false in private business.

according to the police, the type of false companies selling up to 44, involving the country’s 10 provinces and 13 cities, as well as construction, medical, financial and other 8 lines "

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