Before the product marketing unfamiliar test is very important

wrote an article "nine methods" of all refining industry differences in yesterday, after the submission of A5 portal, many business owners and marketing staff to find empty talk how refined products or service difference, more direct message boss, how much money to me, let me give an ad product design language. In fact, since it is to find the difference, it is necessary to combine the product, the product is the most understanding of the relevant personnel of the enterprise, so they should be more suitable for this work. After want to write down what is found when the alienation of today, enterprises should do next


a lot of business owners to find the product selling point, go directly to the media advertising, or in more places to hold activities to attract customers, this way understandable. But the bigger risk correspondingly, because the difference is the enterprise executives met to find, and not to say that you think good selling products can attract customers, do so before large-scale promotion, it is necessary to do some market research, this research is not in the enterprise, nor your friends do. But to find customers, looking for potential customers, they think a good selling point, is the product difference truly! This research we can be called a strange test, after summing up, good effect of three kinds of test methods, please choose to adopt.

an interview survey

The process of

city and a lot of marketing personnel in the chat, they found the test for Speechless, most of the enterprises have their own store, and the research methods of these people is to allow customers to fill out questionnaires, which have their work, salary and other options, empty ask, so collected the data may be true? If you will leave real information in this questionnaire in

?In fact,

is the best way to interview, not necessarily need a microphone or camera is like device that allows the clerk or marketing staff and customers to the store to chat, let them talk about what we need to do after the improvement of the product? What will they buy? Attract them to buy the product which is? In this way can not only have a general orientation of future customers, but also help enterprises to improve their products, find the difference.

two, appointment

city has a friend is contracted rice, a lot of people do in that place, but he earned more money, why? Because they are the first to grow good, such as rice mature in the negotiations to find customers, so it is difficult to obtain higher benefits and rice are just down to eat, so I finally sold at very low profit. My friend is to find customers, charge a deposit, and then began to grow, and estimate a general planting area in accordance with the contract, it is good if don’t worry about production is not selling, keep the price down.

It can be seen from the

, an appointment is a good test, this millet done particularly well, it means of marketing in this talk. For example, I want to sell a dress, which can be taken first

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