How to do brand micro blog long tail keywords through the Tencent to promote drainage

today to share a micro-blog brand word ranking ideas. Tencent micro-blog, from the influence, is far inferior to Sina’s micro-blog. Moreover, in some time ago, Tencent announced the development of new features for the Tencent to stop micro-blog, only maintenance, personnel structure has also been adjusted. Tencent as the industry to give up micro-blog signal. I have not been how to pay attention to the spread of the value of Tencent micro-blog. Sina micro-blog. But recently I have been observed and found that micro-blog is still very strong. Previous knowledge is biased. Tencent micro-blog this platform, but indeed more than Sina micro-blog platform. But Tencent has two aspects of micro-blog, in terms of doing network marketing, I think it is stronger than Sina micro-blog, or Sina does not have the characteristics of it.

1 the same word, Tencent micro-blog search engine in Baidu, including the collection and ranking, usually better than Sina micro-blog.

I have a website has been sent to the synchronization of Tencent and Sina two micro-blog, you can search from Baidu to micro-blog’s content from a large number of Tencent, if the search with a long tail word, search found, Tencent is basically on the front page of micro-blog before several.

and Sina micro-blog on the same content is unstable, sometimes at the bottom of the home page, sometimes in the back pages. Included a lot less.

360 is basically the case. Sogou is needless to say, a certain priority Tencent micro-blog ranking.

you can also find some of the same content in Tencent and Sina micro-blog, search, look at the ranking of each search engine.

2 Tencent micro-blog once the content is forwarded and @ other people, the @ people in the lower right corner of the QQ will pop up a prompt.

Tencent also has updated micro-blog appears in the list of friends, you can and QQ space, QQ signature synchronization features. Sina micro-blog is not. So, even in the Tencent has been transferred to the WeChat strategy, and no longer update the case of micro-blog Tencent, Tencent, micro-blog still have the spread of cattle.

I just open a micro-blog page. This is a luxury business.

he has more than 10 thousand fans. To see him half an hour ago issued a blog post, there are already more than and 300 of the amount of reading, and a few hours ago, micro-blog, has hundreds to one thousand reading. Another point to open another 700 fans only micro-blog, he sent these days Bowen also basically have about 100 of the amount of reading.

according to this calculation, Tencent micro-blog reading rate is not low. Whether it is to do the brand, or do or do other network marketing, we can build one or several Tencent micro-blog, for our brand information dissemination. Not only can get the flow of Tencent micro-blog station, more importantly, access to external search.

micro-blog station promotion, is another set of methods, main >

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