Website user experience optimization so that visitors fell in love with your site

what is the user experience

user experience is a purely subjective psychological experience in the process of using a product (service). The end user as the focus of the design and development activities, rather than systems, applications or simple aesthetic value. It is based on the general user centered (user oriented) design concept.

the most simple user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE), the most direct impact on your web browsing factor. In the website planning and website operation, the user experience is the most important factor, directly affect the success of your site.

site user experience (UE) 3 key points

the first key point: site design to conform to the logic

most directly tell the user what to do". The website "logic" is when you give the user a service or function, we must ensure that the service or function of "identity", rather than a contingent. The "logic" of the site is that the overall service or functionality can be "deduced" by the user, that is, after the user understands a service and function, he can accurately predict the site’s additional services and functions.

second key points: to respect the common sense and habits

example: almost all foreign BBS is the top navigation, and almost all of the domestic BBS are left navigation. So if you do BBS at home, in this point there is no need to challenge the user’s habits.

third key points: differentiated style

stick to a special style to make your site stand out.

website user experience (UE) four factors

1, brand: a) whether the visitors have an unforgettable experience. B (Web site) the style of the site and industry characteristics and brand consistency. C (image), Flash, multimedia and other content to create the value of the user experience.

as mentioned TV people think of Konka, mentions the shampoo people think about think of network marketing for enterprises to win the same brand, has a strong influence on a display for any ordinary people in front of things. No one likes to go without a brand because it doesn’t have any quality guarantee. So how to create a website brand, which is a headache for many webmasters thing.

a website is not a brand, probably depends on two elements: 1, is not unique. 2, is not the most characteristic or the most abundant content.

The first

is well explained in this industry, if only you a person to do this site, so even if your choice of keywords is unpopular, then the site even IP is not much, but you are also the whole industry brand. Second, if your website content is the most abundant, the information is updated quickly, then you are the most successful

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