Why do not worry about the success of nternet Co to make money but anxious to build platform

platform "Revolution: how to change the economic network market, how to use" describes how business platform through high value exchange producers and consumers together for you, and information and interaction is the most important platform for these assets. It is these interactions that create value and become a source of competitive advantage.

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history, the fastest growing, the most subversive companies have one thing in common, that is, they do not focus on the sale of goods, but focus on building their own platform. Google, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and eBay with no exception whatsoever.

technology industry has long been learning how to use the network platform has the effect, and in the process of development and constantly improve the ability. Precisely because of this, the Silicon Valley in the development of all walks of life in the leading competitors. With the gradual deepening of the digitization of information, this is becoming more and more important.


platform is not what the new concept, from the idea of speaking, it is not complicated, but is to build an open, inclusive, but with a strategic focus on things like roadside shops and shopping center difference. Shopping center is far ahead of the roadside shops on the scale, which can benefit from each store in other stores to carry out marketing and promotional activities. They share infrastructure and share costs. The owner of the shopping center can build a huge store, will be a variety of commodities which are winning, but if so, it will lose the opportunity to collect the rent, will not be able to benefit from diversification in different stores to attract passenger flow.

Apple learned lessons from the painful experience of the first generation of Macintosh in 1980s. The company developed a closed proprietary hardware, operating systems and applications. But at the same time, Bill · Gates (Bill), but realized that the most critical point of profit is the operating system and the prosperity of the ecosystem. So, he designed the Microsoft Windows into an open system, allowing other companies to provide hardware and software. The more programs running on the Windows, the more users are willing to use it, the more developers are willing to develop applications for it. Windows in the last century in 90s almost a monopoly, and apple is almost bankrupt.

fortunately, by 2007, Steve · (Steve Jobs) fully understand the advantages of Microsoft. He iPhone App Store and iTunes into an open platform to allow other companies to provide content. NOKIA, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG five mobile phone manufacturers have occupied the whole industry 90% of the profits, but apple can surpass all companies, almost all of the profits of the whole industry.

new book platform Revolution: how to change the network market

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