The local community forum for promoting small and practical

first statement: I am writing, technology is food! Today I write articles published just do a little local community experience, so if you are a veteran please show mouth, welcome webmaster friends to communicate with me, everyone mutual progress! First I wish you all a lot of traffic, finances, stationmaster net Changqing


local site gave me the impression that it is always hard to do, now I think so, less traffic, keyword index is low, very few people actually access! So we do local station will have enough confidence and perseverance! To be honest, I have to go now! My Kunming city forum earlier two month hangs up, has not gone to the management decision in July 1st was officially launched, the domain name is domain name, after a period of efforts, PR2 also rose 2 forum many keyword rankings of the top 5, is also good, a few days ago at idle suddenly found a short domain name.CC, after consideration decided to change the domain name is now has now officially opened the domain name, but I made a big mistake, so now is again! Here I am Remind everyone, the domain name is good to remember, of course, so please do stand before the location of a good domain name! I am an example, now two meters all no weight, included. The ADO


local forum after my long publicity, the current sorting out the following methods, we can refer to the next, if you have a better way of publicity, you can share with me!

1, the search engine included (as we all know, with the inclusion may be converted into traffic)

2, plus local QQ group (related to the local QQ group, plus all the preparations for the 3~10, QQ plus, please do not send ads directly, so it is easy to be T, publicity in the QQ group you can change, such as you are now in a local delicacy entertainment QQ you can do propaganda XX: the local delicacy found, you know? And then attach to, and the group personnel exchanges, advertisers don’t directly


3, the local class popular site (you can search for the site is relatively hot local publicity, this you can press their own local reality to promote, in short, is to transform, hype on this)

4, Baidu know (this everyone should be very clear, to answer some of the local problems, coupled with the connection, this effect is good. A connection with account every day should not exceed 3 times, more than 3 times may be shielded, slowly, Many a little make a mickle.)

5, Baidu post bar (where advertising it is very important to pay attention to, be careful to close the account, a serious closure of the station, so we still care for the wonderful)

6, Tianya forum local channel (Tianya community users are generally more than 22 years of age, most prefer to bubble forum, so here if you can promote the promotion of membership, the forum to create active >

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