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in the sea Amoy family growing today, a 80 Changsha child has to give up the annual salary of 2 million yuan Google engineer occupation, home business to shop on the "Taobao" Amazon, ebay. Less than two years, he founded the electronic brand Anker "wings over the sea", won the US and UK, France and Germany, Italy and other country’s many fans, last year sales of more than 100 million yuan, the growth of more than 50%. He is one of the ten major e-commerce experts in Changsha, Hunan Sea Wing Agel Ecommerce Ltd CEO Yang meng.

returnees entrepreneurial shop to the United States

Yang is adorable Changsha, 1999, he was admitted to Peking University Department of computer excellent, the United States in 2003, 2006 into the Google Corporation, as a senior search engine, also won the highest award of Google "Founder" s Award, the annual salary of nearly 2 million yuan. However, in July 2011, Yang Meng gave up stability, decent, multi gold work, return to business, everything from scratch.

"foreign shelves are foreign brands, made in China is marked on the low-end, cheap label. The introduction of Chinese good products to foreigners is my motivation to start a business. I have stayed overseas, to understand the overseas spending habits, if the design characteristics, consumer experience leading, inexpensive Chinese made goods, directly facing the European and American consumers, huge business opportunities."

traditional mode of foreign trade, whether online or offline, mostly B2B (for foreign buyers), most of the profits of foreign buyers, dealers take away. How to shorten the sales chain, the middle part of the compression Meng Yang chose to shop to the U.S. shopping platform Amazon and eBay, cut off the middle part of the goods sold directly to European and American consumers. Moreover, the shortcomings of the goods will soon be able to feed back to the production process, improve the speed greatly improved. "In the shop on Amazon zero threshold, but to enter the world’s largest electronics giant best buy stores, the cost of at least one hundred thousand dollars." Yang Meng theory.

October 2011, Yang Meng back to Changsha, the establishment of the Hunan Sea Wing Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the world’s registered brand Anker". He worked with a U.S. company, relying on the United States warehousing center, logistics network, European and American consumers took a Anker products, 1 to 3 days to receive goods.

one hundred million this year to grow by 100%

on the Amazon site, search Anker is easy to find the electricity supplier of the sea wings. According to Yang Meng introduction, the main consumer goods products, including laptop chargers, rechargeable batteries, keyboard, mouse, etc.. A Anker laptop battery price of about $30, while DELL’s similar products priced at $80 to $100. In addition, coupled with the rapid logistics and localization of after-sales service, so that

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