Look at the development trend of e mail marketing in 2014 from Tencent mailbox update

The first week of

has just returned to work, the Tencent will increase with the mailbox mail advertising function, this function is the type of business mail into the mailbox open after the Tencent has a great marketing rate, click rate, but by the Tencent this update we feel that the Tencent is the mailbox to a clear mail promotion attitude: "you can send commercial messages, but don’t spoil my product experience".


Tencent this feature is not technically advanced, in 2012 the NetEase mailbox will be divided into "advertising" and "subscribe". The Tencent is to update this function at this time, more consideration from the Tencent mail the product itself, because the Tencent is currently the largest amount of mail service providers in China, it is also facing the huge spam, a large number of promoters hope to be able to enter the QQ mail inbox trying a popup reminders only inbox will, to attract users to click on the first time reading. The anti spam as can be imagined the pressure is enormous, but why not cancel the default Tencent will not pop email, mail advertising function into a new column in the mailbox on the left navigation bar inside it, but to create a mail in your inbox to collect mail items. These considerations in addition to the mailbox itself, it is more important or hope to be able to play a role in the future development of mobile internet. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, more and more people use mobile devices, many applications will be transferred to the mobile terminal. In the screen itself is not full of all kinds of commercial mail is natural to let users dislike. But it is not possible to say that all business mail is not available to the user, so the best way to do it is to classify it in your inbox, but it is aggregated in a single entry. After a period of time, the customer does not have any big response to this approach, it is possible to carry out the default update of the global user.

this update also acts on some of the Department of Tencent business mail, such as easy to promote the promotion of e-mail has been aggregated in the advertising message. This may also explain the Tencent that mail to promote business impact is not the biggest, especially unfamiliar users by email promotion can bring effect is not the biggest, otherwise he wouldn’t be so cruel to kill their mail together. Also shows that in the Tencent seems to send business mail and product experience compared to the user, or the user experience of the product is more important.

in email marketing should be how to do it right here, I think the update can be seen through the Tencent, the group under the mode of commercial mail has not brought users transformation and great effect, more important is the message itself based on the way of dissemination of information to do email marketing, marketing through the mail and the user the formation of organic interaction, let it become an important part of the marketing process, encourage users willing to open and click on the mail, interact via e-mail can better play email marketing charm and >

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