Forum to promote small and medium sized enterprises Zhanshanweiwang force online marketing success

network promotion consciousness is the current number of small and medium-sized enterprises lack, they used the traditional marketing mode and operation method of the line, even do advertising, also can choose newspapers, radio and other traditional media channels. After paying a huge cost, the effect is not known. In the era of the Internet, small and medium enterprises have begun to have a sense of network marketing, but according to the survey, the establishment of e-commerce sites to build traditional enterprises still occupy less than 40% of the overall share. Network promotion is a compulsory course for small and medium enterprises, and for the first time into the arena of small and medium enterprises, do a good job in the promotion of the forum is the most important priority in the promotion.

select a very high weight forum which is the forum to promote the warm-up homework. Do not post no matter what the forum, he hair a spirit. This is a rash act. Posting seems simple, in fact, also contains a lot of intelligence factors. Weight is high, it is easy to include, improve the site keywords ranking and their website weight. At the same time, the concept of the forum to leave the signature of the chain is also a way to promote the details of the process, then, we have to pick some of the high weight of the forum, and the signature of the byte and no restrictions on the forum. In this way we can make the forum personalized signature play its due role.

personalized signature to attract eyeballs. Although a lot of Web sites allow users to take the signature on the site of the chain, but there are byte restrictions, generally limited to 50 to 200 bytes, so we have to make good use of. Personalized signature to attract the attention of others. If you want to achieve the purpose of promotion, then you have to optimize your signature text information. Use some of the words that attract people’s attention, so that someone clicks on your site. It is best to combine the most popular events to choose vocabulary.

dull remarks oath endlessly. Although the post is very simple, write a title, the content of the organization itself is not much technical content. In fact, the post is a fine job, especially for small and medium enterprises, entering the Internet arena, unfamiliar, so your title will attract flow to go to Like attracts like. principle. Traffic is the priority among priorities for the newly established sites, you need to rely on traffic to amass popularity, Baidu alliance is divided into income rankings with weight even pr. Although the title of the party is not desirable, but should always have the title party consciousness, the establishment of this awareness, then come up with the title to give the impression that people should be: provocative, topical, seductive, suction eye.

The principle of

content and the title of the principle is similar, but more than a few words and disrupt the order: continue to lure, continue to panic, continue to wonder, continue to differ. Anyway, dull remarks died over.

Zhanshanweiwang, reciprocity. To seize the favorable position in the forum. In some large forum, post number is great, if you can get 1 to 3 floor of the position that your personality information exposure rate is very high. This is called the king. The weight of the high forum search engine included speed is quite amazing, like Baidu is very focused on the forum included, posts in a few minutes can be short

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